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My Favorite Sketch From Michael Keaton’s SNL: ‘Easter Candy’

Everyone should have known Michael Keaton was going to be fantastic as the host of SNL, but he exceeded my expectations. Keaton has the two things that are necessary to be an excellent host, and they were both on display Saturday night: he has excellent comedic timing and he doesn’t take himself seriously. The second thing seems kind of obvious, but a lot of celebrities come on and won’t throw themselves into characters because their afraid of damaging their own egos, but not Keaton. He played wacky characters all night, but none were weirder than himself in the final sketch of the night. ‘Easter Candy’ was like a deranged version of a Mr. Rogers Easter Special, and Keaton plays himself going through an Easter basket with his assistant/maybe wife Portia. Bobby Moynihan shows up halfway to make a poop noise and it’s just so weird and so wonderful. The best part about SNL is that after FORTY YEARS on the air, they’re still not afraid to get weird. It amazes me that at 70 years old Lorne Michaels is still in tune with his writing staff and let’s them be as wacky as they want. They could easily put out safe sketches and a get a few laughs, but they’re never afraid to go for the home run and just blow you away. I also wish I was in the writers room for this sketch, because I’ve always wanted to know how much the writers wrote and how much the host added his own style to it. The writers definitely came up with all of the jokes, but I have to imagine Keaton created the voice, and his facial expression after he told the audience he gave up cocaine for Lent was amazing. This is Keaton’s first time hosting since 1992, so I can’t imagine he’ll be back soon, but anytime he’s on that stage SNL is in good hands.

– Ryan

Michael Keaton Hosts SNL This Weekend For The First Time Since 1992

It’s kind of amazing that Michael Keaton has only hosted SNL twice. He came up as a standup comedian, and was one of the bigger movie stars in the 80s and early 90s. He was BATMAN. He was multiple Michael Keaton’s in Multiplicity. Hopefully Keaton can bring a similar energy to The Rock and SNL can keep on rolling, but that’s doubtful. Keaton is more of a composed type of comedic actor, which I know the writing staff is aware of and hopefully they can create some fun sketches that play on his strengths. His promo’s call back pretty much everything he’s ever done, including the aforementioned Batman and Multiplicity movies. Will we get a Birdman sketch? I think so!

– Ryan

Two Of My Favorite Things Are Coming Together This Saturday As The Rock Is Hosting SNL

My favorite thing about Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is that his passion shines through in everything he does. There’s a reason he made it to the top of the WWE and there’s a reason he’s one of the most successful people in Hollywood: he works hard and puts everything he has in whatever he is doing at that moment. This Saturday he’ll be hosting SNL, maybe the only thing that could compare to my obsession with wrestling. The Rock hosting SNL, especially now as a Hollywood mega player, is going to be fantastic, and that it’s happening on the same weekend as WrestleMania is almost too much to handle. In his latest Instagram post promoting SNL, he runs into Leslie Jones on the streets of NY and I really hope these two do some type of inappropriate sketch together. The SNL writers always work well with celebrities who don’t take themselves seriously and have natural comedic timing, and The Rock fits both of those criteria. This weekend is going to be epic.

– Ryan

Hey Pat Sajack – Is Everything Alright at Home?

Hey global warming deniers, how good does it feel to have PAT SAJACK on your side? I guess I can understand the unpatriotic part, but the racist part is baffling. Do you think Pat Sajack knows what global warming is? Does he think it’s some kind of propaganda scientists created to destroy minorities? I really have no problem with this tweet. I think it’s hilarious, and there are plenty of people who deny global warming and climate change and that’s their prerogative. What I don’t like is when someone comes out against climate change, get’s called out, then backs off.

Do you want to know why most uninformed people tend to support people who claim climate change is real? It’s because when they are called out for their views, they back it up with FACTS. When global warming/climate change deniers are called out for their views, they claim it’s all in good fun. Have some balls, Pat. I’ll be watching the Wheel of Fortune on mute from now. That’ll show you.

– Ryan

In Honor of Andy Samberg Coming Back to Host the Season Finale of SNL…

I can’t wait for tomorrow night. It should be stupid, weird and most importantly, funny. Wouldn’t mind a digital short or two either.

– Ryan

My Favorite Sketch From Charlize Theron’s SNL: Bikini Beach Party

Charlize Theron’s second hosting stint on SNL was kind of meh overall, but I really enjoyed the Bikini Beach party sketch. Even though you knew the whale was eventually going to explode, it kind of took me by surprise and worked well. The funniest part about this sketch is that it’s not that absurd. Whales do wash up on the beach and explode from time to time, I just don’t know that I’d take a girl looking for a kiss to the one spot on the beach where there is a whale carcass. But thats why Taran Killam is on SNL and I’m not. Also, ukulele for life.


Charlize Theron’s SNL Promo’s Are Here & Man Is She Gorgeous

It’s an undeniable fact that Charlize Theron is gorgeous, but she kind of sneaks under the radar sometimes. Whenever these beautiful people lists come up she never seems to float to the top but she absolutely should. Short hair, long hair, no hair. She’s just got that face that makes you forget where the hell you are. As far as hosting SNL, this is her second time, with the first being way back in the year 2000. She’s a pro, so I can’t see her flopping, and with her there promoting A Million Ways To Die in the West, I’m hoping for a cameo or two from some of her co stars. Seth Macfarlane? NPH? Liam Neeson? Maybe even her new lover Sean Penn? Possiblities are endless. The Black Keys doing the singing is just a major bonus. I can’t wait for Saturday night.

– Ryan

Check Out the Best Sketch From Andrew Garfield’s SNL: ‘The Beygency’

SNL’s pre taped sketches have been on point this year. Ed Norton’s Wes Anderson spoof, Louis C.K.’s Darth Vader doctor visit, Bruce Willis’s Boy Dance Party. All those were great sketches, but last Saturday’s The Beygency might take the cake. This was far and away my favorite part of the episode, as Andrew Garfield looked pretty nervous throughout most of his live sketches. I don’t want to spoil the sketch, but there’s a pretty cool/topical cameo which makes it that much better. The funniest part about this whole thing is that America absolutely has a weird obession with Beyonce, and I’m not 100% sure that something like the Beygency doesn’t actually exist. Just a group of mysterious hitmen tapping into our cell phones and living rooms waiting for someone to speak out against Queen Bey. All I know is the next time ‘XO’ comes on my radio I’m not changing that channel. Might even belt out a verse or two.

– Ryan

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