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Alien Covenant, Dark Universe and Bad Movie Descriptions – MMGA Episode #15

Steely Phil replaces Adam on the 15th episode of the Make Movies Great Again Podcast. On this episode, we stump each other with Bad Movie Descriptions, attempt to sum up Alien Covenant in one word, gush over Tom Hardy as Venom and try to make sense of Universal Pictures’ new ‘Dark Universe.’

And don’t go chasing waterfalls just yet, we also have a new Movie Club episode. This week, we chat about the kung fu classic, ‘The 36th Chamber of Shaolin.’

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Trailer Alert – IT

Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. Having said that, I’ll be in line for the first matinee of this movie…preferable in a theater with windows….with the lights on.


Video Game Royalty, AKA the People Who Brought You BIOSHOCK, are Making a Horror Game

Get your diapers ready.

The developers who did BIOSHOCK could slap me in the face, cut my foot off, toss me in a barrel, and shove me over a cliff and I would still love them. They have provided me with some of the best gaming hours I have ever or will ever be a part of. Here are the deets on the new game

A team of former Bioshock developers–known as The Deep End Games– just announced their upcoming horror title, Perception. The game has a rather interesting premise, putting players in the shoes of a blind woman named Cassie who uses echolocation to explore a creepy mansion. In doing so, Cassie has to tap surfaces with her cane in order to generate an idea of the environment around her, but has to be careful not to alert a stalking entity in the process. Doesn’t sound like the most fortunate position to be in. –

If I was blind the first thing I wouldn’t do is go into a haunted house. Not a chance. Ever since Konami put the kibosh on the new Silent Hill game I have been looking for a horror game to look forward to, and this is defiantly it. It looks like nothing I have ever played before, and that’s always a good thing. My only fear is that I will be too scared to tap Cassie’s cane and i will just stand stationary for the entirety of the game.


PS- Take my review of this game (when I eventually play it) with a grain of salt, because after ‘Infinite’ these developers could shit in a bag and i would think it’s the second coming of Fallout 3.

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