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Twitter News Weekly – Merry Christmas, You Filthy Animals

Have you ever wanted to see Hulk Hogan in a Santa suit? Do you want to know why Sony REALLY pulled The Interview from theaters? Did you know Bob Barker is wanted for Grand Theft Auto in 27 states? Enjoy none of that and more in our holiday episode of Twitter News Weekly!

– The Average Nobodies


Monster Blog Wednesday: Our Favorite Secondary Holidays

Christmas. Thanksgiving. Bill Paxton’s birthday. These are some of the major holidays the western world celebrates, usually by watching sports and eating so much food that we genuinely hate ourselves afterwards. While everyone has their favorite major holiday (Bill Paxton’s birthday, obviously) we feel that the secondary holidays don’t get any love. Just because there isn’t a fourteen course meal planned around arguing with your family over your future doesn’t mean that the holiday isn’t important. Here are our favorite secondary holidays.

Cinco De Mayo


4th of July gets a lot of love, and rightfully so. What’s not to love about wearing American flag shirts, drinking Bud heavy’s and screaming about how much you love America? While I love a good cookout and pretty much any reason to binge drink, Cinco De Mayo has always had a special place in my heart. What we don’t get in a guaranteed day off from work we make up for with celebrating Mexico’s independence with tequila and all the Mexican food you can eat. Personally, spring doesn’t start until the Cinco De Mayo festivities begin. Any excuse to drink a case of Corona’s is a good excuse, too.

– Ryan


Black Friday


Sure, Black Friday only gives you a day out of work because it comes after Thanksgiving, but hear me out on this. This sneaky holiday is probably the most versatile of all the holidays, While most people are out gouging out each others eyes for big screen TVs, the rest of us are nursing one hell of a Thanksgiving hangover with more food and beer. Nothing like a little buffer day between the biggest eating and drinking day of the year and the weekend. So go ahead, recharge those batteries and slip into a deep food coma, i’ll wake you when its spring time.


The Apple Holiday Commercial is Tugging At My Heart Strings

Admittedly I’m a sucker for these kind of commercials, but this was pretty cool. Granted some kids are just obsessed with their phones and they’re not putting together a family home movie that looks like it was directed by Scorcese; but this was still really well done. Next time you see a kid with an IPhone in their hand during a social situation, maybe you should think twice about judging them. They could be making a beautiful amateur film about your life.

– Ryan

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