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I May Be Biased But This is One of the Coolest Videos of All Time

Unless you live under a rock (which if you do, I sincerely apologize) you know that WrestleMania 30 was last night in New Orleans. Per usual, WWE put on one hell of a show. The coolest moment for me came at the very beginning, when three of wrestling’s greatest performers shared the same ring in the name of WrestleMania. Thanks to this new behind the scenes video, we have a glimpse of what it was like for Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold and The Rock right before they came through that curtain last night. Watch and enjoy.

– Ryan

It’s Officially 1991 All Over Again: Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker Both Returned on Raw Last Night

If WWE fans have the balls to complain about last night’s Raw, then maybe they should just stop watching. Are you going to complain that two of the greatest superstars returned on the same night? How about you complain about the two really good matches between Cesaro/Big E and Daniel Bryan/Kane. Or maybe you can complain about the Bray Wyatt/Roman Reigns match that everyone has been clamoring for yet the live crowd shit all over. Or that Hulk Hogan’s boa was too long or Undertaker’s hair was too short. I really don’t think any combination of three hour show is ever going to make wrestling fans happy. If I’m the WWE I would say screw the fans and do whatever makes you the most money. Then turn that money sideways and stick it straight up their candy asses.

– Ryan

Hulk Hogan’s Hostamania Video is the Most Disturbing Thing I’ve Ever Seen

I’m honestly not sure what to think here. I just have so many questions. Why would you dress someone up to look like Hulk Hogan when you actually have Hulk Hogan in the commercial? Why is the man hanging upside down eating a crayon? Of all the music videos he could have spoofed, why pick Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus, which for some reasons requires him to wear a thong? Why? I don’t know, and I hope I never find out. I just know that the image of Hulk Hogan riding a wrecking ball in a thong while simultaneously smacking his own ass will haunt me forever.

– Ryan


The Insane Mayor of Toronto Is Arm Wrestling Hulk Hogan, Thinks It’s The First Time Hogan Has Ever Been To Toronto

“Mayor Rob Ford, always eager for a political brawl, is pumped to arm-wrestle legendary grappler Hulk Hogan. “Ohhh yeahhhh!” Mayor Rob Ford, mimicking a wrestling battle cry, told reporters when asked about the Friday 10 a.m. “friendly” bout at the Intercontinental Hotel ahead of Hogan’s appearance at Fan Expo Canada. “It’s the first time the Hulkster’s in Toronto, from what I understand,” the mayor said. “I want to thank him for coming. This Fan Expo is going to be amazing. “I don’t know if I’m going to win the arm wrestle, but we’ll see. I haven’t lifted too many weights lately. We’ll see what happens. “My brother’s a real Hulkster fan. He used to sit always in the mirror and do one of these,” the mayor said of Councillor Doug Ford, demonstrating a muscle-flexing pose. “He was always a bit bigger than I was. “I’m really glad that (Hogan) is coming here, it’s going to bring a lot of excitement.” – The Star


The arm wrestling match is a secondary story as far as I’m concerned. So Rob Ford is the same guy who got caught smoking crack and is basically a delinquent version of Boston mayor Thomas Menino. He’s always falling down or doing drugs or profusely sweating for no reason, basically everything but being the mayor of A MAJOR CITY.

I’m willing to let everything he’s ever done slide, because hey, people make mistakes, What I am not willing to let slide is what he is quoted as saying in this article. “It’s the first time the Hulkster’s in Toronto, from what I understand.”

Really? So this isn’t him at Wrestlemania VI, which was held at the Skydome in Toronto:

What about 11 years later. This isn’t him beating the shit out of the Rock at the same exact venue in Toronto?

Look Rob, if you want to be a sweaty mess and snap your ankle after a weigh in or fall down trying to throw a pass do it on your own time. Don’t diss an American icon. I hope he rips your arm clean out of the socket

– Ryan

Miguel might switch to a career in pro wrestling

Miguel channeling his inner Hulk Hogan

Miguel’s career in music may be over after this freak accident tonight at the Billboard Awards, but we’re sure he has a future in the WWE.
Here’s two women who bore the brunt of his failed stage dive attempt (or was it failed? What was he trying to do?) and were quickly shuffled away from the scene. The one on the right takes a shoe to the head; the one on the left gets the full guillotine leg drop action to the neck. …meanwhile, finished the song as if nothing had happened.” – Deadspin

First off, let me start by saying, that was the best leg drop I have seen since Hogan fought The Rock at Wrestlemania X8. Just absolute flawless execution and form coming from the R&B sensation.

Now on to why i’m pissed.

This is a classic case of the rich getting richer.  Not only does this guy have an amazing singing voice but now he probably has a good chance of appearing on WWE. Come on now!  I fake wrestle with my friends all the time and probably have a better repertoire of moves. It doesn’t mean you’re not gonna see me chumming it up with big Vince anytime soon. Miguel, I appreciate the effort, but leave the wrestling to the pros…and to me, drunk on a friday night.


P.S. That lady has to have a concussion right?

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