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If You Want to Watch a Biographical Drama About a Legit Crazy Person, Check Out ‘Houdini’ On the History Channel Tonight

Part one of the History Channel’s two part mini series “Houdini” premiered last night, and let’s just say that Harry Houdini was insane. You kind of figure a guy who chooses to be an escape artist is insane, but Houdini lived a pretty incredible life. When he wasn’t busy pretending to saw his wife in half, he was trying to escape safes, both as part of his act and in real life. In his down time he challenged men much bigger than him to punch him in the stomach. And he was a spy for the US and British governments. This may come as a shock, but all these things thrown together do not make for a happy marriage. As crazy as all of it was, it was also very entertaining television. My suggestion would be to catch part one sometime today, and then watch part two tonight at 9. On an unrelated note, I am becoming a magician.

– Ryan

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