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123 The Horny Draft

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Happy 19th Birthday, Endless Waltz

Ok, technically Gundam Wing Endless Waltz‘s birthday was yesterday (August 1) get off my back…

Gundam Wing was my JAM and Endless Waltz is one of my favorite films of all time. Endless Waltz was the wrap-up movie (originally three separate OVA’s from Japan) to the 49 episode series, Gundam Wing. It was the swan song to a series that will stand the test of time in the world of Gundam. I know it has the stigma of being the first westernized Gundam anime, but that doesn’t stop me from loving the shit out of it. [Team Duo all the way.] Let’s all take a moment and observe the symphony that is Endless Waltz. If you have it on VHS like I do, or any other form of media, pop it in tonight and get your Gundam on.

The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever…


Ryan Reynolds’ Birthday Tweet To His Wife Is Why He’s The Funniest Celebrity On Social Media

I’m sure you know who Ryan Reynolds is. He’s the devilishly handsome actor who just broke a bunch of box office records as Deadpool. He’s also married to the devilishly beautiful Blake Lively, which almost isn’t fair to the rest of the world. If that’s not enough, he’s also the funniest celebrity on social media. The latest example of this is his happy birthday tweet to his wife yesterday:

That is some funny stuff. Is it legal for someone to be that handsome and also that funny? I’ll let it slide as long as he keeps the funny tweets going, which he’s already doing:

-Ryan (not Reynolds)

Here’s Finn Balor Singing Happy Birthday to Samoa Joe Because Finn Balor Is The Greatest

NXT live events seem like such a magical place. If it’s not Finn Balor doing Bayley’s entrance or Bayley and Finn Balor recreating Dirty Dancing, it’s something like this. The best part is Finn Balor won the match before this video. Not only did he beat Samoa Joe, but he decided that post match was a perfect time to sing Happy Birthday to Joe along with the entire crowd. It’s wonderful. I’ll be attending the NXT live event in Kingston, RI on April 22nd, so I can only hope for something this great.


Celebrating a Legend: The Michael Jordan Story

February 17th, 1963… Oh what a beautiful day it was. For most people, this date does not really mean much to them, but to a fan, a REAL fan, this is the day sweet baby Michael was born. From high tops to low tops, creating records and breaking records, Air Jordan was born, ready to conquer the NBA, and the world. As MJ turns 51 this year, I look back on his life and realize why I Idol this man. Who else can make $618 for boiling 1 egg for 5 minutes? Yes that is a true statistic. Look it up folks. {editors note: please don’t} But I also came to a realization that although he is one of the best players on the court, he really hasn’t been successful in “retirement”. Look at the

_20140216_193602 2

Bobcats. You have Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player in the history of the planet, running things behind the scenes. How are they THIS bad? The Bobcats are basically giving away tickets in Charlotte. If you ask me, something is wrong with that picture. Gambling is also a major factor in Jordan’s life. Betting on horses, craps, golf putts, whether or not the groundhog is going to see his shadow; you name it, Jordan will bet on it, and that’s a major factor in Jordan’s post playing career decline.

As 2014 begins, it looks like Jordan and his new wife Yvette can open up a new chapter in their lives, which is welcoming to the world their newborn twin daughters. Stand back Olsen twins, Michael Jordan has twin daughters. There is a new power ensemble to contend with, and they just so happen to have the last name Jordan. While Jordan already has 3 other children with his previous wife, two boys and a girl, they never really lived up to MJ’s expectations. The lads attempted to play some basketball but even with Jordan mentoring them, they just didn’t have it. My first thought was that MJ is going to have these girls in the gym 24/7 building them up to be the WNBA’s worstnightmare(s). But then I came to the realization that although the Jordan brand will forever live on and be successful, why not have these girls carry the Jordan name in a different direction? With their dad’s mentorship, they have the ability to eventually take over the family business, and Jordan’s family business is owning a basketball team.. It makes sense in this perspective: Jordan is always trying to come out with new shoe and clothing designs; why not have them learn early on in life so they can make some magic and keep that Jordan Brand as popular as ever?

I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time out of their day to read my article. I also want to thank Michael Jordan for giving myself and many others that false hope that we could actually play as good as him if we bought his sneakers. Long live the king.

– Derek


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