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“Pug-let” The First Ever All-Pug Production of Hamlet is My New Obsession

Ever since Kickstarter had that joker that Kickstarted his potato salad everybody and their brother have been kickstarting all these half-baked ideas. I’ve seen everything from someone jumping in a laundry basket full of food to sandwiches. But, in the clutter of all these piece of shit campaigns I found a diamond, a Kickstarter campaign to end all Kickstarter campaigns. Here is what I found.


pug-let copy


IN BILL PAXTON’S NAME! This is the greatest Kickstarter of all time. Obviously I wasted zero time in reserving my ticket, but it will take more then my donations to get this all-Pug production of Hamlet going!

So what exactly are you kickstarting?

descrip copy

Think Mr. Kevin Broccoli is in over his head? Don’t worry, he has all the risks and obstacles laid out in front of him and he is ready to crush them.

risks copy

This isn’t a want at all, I can actually feel myself fading away the longer and longer I don’t see Pugs dressed in costumes….I need this.

If you Kickstart anything this summer, make it Pug-let

*****UPDATE***** (7/17/14)





Woof. That’s a relief.


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