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Music Monday: Jay & The Americans – Come A Little Bit Closer

Music Monday 12/4/17

I watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 over the weekend (again) and one of my favorite parts includes this song. When Yondu and Rocket are freed by Baby Groot and start taking people out with Yondu’s arrow, this song is playing in the background. It’s a great montage and a really fun part of a really great movie. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it immediately and then listen to the whole soundtrack on repeat. Have a great day on purpose.




#MusicMonday: Redbone – Come And Get Your Love

Mid June signifies a lot of things: baseball has taken over as the primary spectator sport, summer is officially right around the corner and most importantly of all, it’s wedding season. I went to a fantastic wedding on Saturday night, and the live band was awesome. Besides being one of many fantastic songs on the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, ‘Come And Get Your Love’ was the song that the bride and groom picked to have the wedding party enter the reception to, so I figured I’d brighten up your Monday with a little Redbone. Enjoy.


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