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Tech Wrap Up: Best April Fools Pranks


Here is the list of best tech pranks from Apirl fools 2014

Google Pokemon Master: Because someone at Google knows what my inner child actually wants.


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Google Has a New Job Opening

Ok, so this is why I love Google. Google just put out a video promoting a job opening. What’s the job? Pokemon Master. Nope, I’m not kidding, although Google might be. For the sake of everything awesome I pray that this is a real thing and not just a April fool’s prank, although I expect the latter.

Google I accept your challenge.


Introducing Android Wear

The Verge just leaked this video of Google’s first stab at the smart watch arena. It looks glorious! Best part: no camera. Ain’t nobody got time to take pictures with their watch.


PS- Here is Motorola’s smart watch design. The circle look it awesome.

Julian Edelman Catches a Punt With Google Glass On

New England Patriot teammates Julian Edelman and Ryan Allen recently got to have a little fun with google glass. Loved the way Julian* showed his little pre-punt routine. Gotta double check the gloves. Amateur move if you don’t.  It’s only a matter of time before cameras start getting installed in all the helmets. First it was mic’d up now it will be cam’d up. Seeing Megatron or A.J. Green catch TD passes over everyones head is going to make for great TV.


*I played craps with him one time so I feel that I am on the level or friendship where I can just use his first name. Hope he feels the same way.

Robbing Banks 101: Don’t Search “What Happens If You Rob a Bank”

(Source) “If you’re going to use the Internet as a bank-robbing how-to guide, it’s probably a good idea to delete your search history.

That may be the nail in the coffin for one accused bank robber, who police said looked for tips by searching, “What happens if you rob a bank” and “If you’re going to rob a bank,” prior to the robbery. (We’re going to assume “clear browsing data” was not one of those tips.)

Authorities in Massachusetts recently made three arrests following a robbery at the Weymouth Bank in South Weymouth Friday morning. Shortly before 11 a.m., a woman, who did not furnish a weapon, reportedly entered the bank and demanded money. She made off with an unspecified amount of cash after instructing the bank teller to not give her a dye pack (an exploding device that leaves a permanent mark on cash).

According to The Patriot Ledger, the suspect was identified from bank security footage after officers in the narcotics division recognized her as the subject of an ongoing heroin distribution investigation. Witnesses also told police the female suspect was with a male prior to the robbery.

Officers arrived at the property that was under investigation in the drug distribution case and took 27-year-old Sarah J. McLoud and Robert W. Owens, 28, into custody Friday afternoon. During a search of the Torrey Street residence, police said they found clothing worn during the bank robbery, cash stolen during the theft and a suspicious search history.

“A computer in the room showed recent searches including: What happens if you rob a bank, What happens if you rob a house, What happens if you rob a drug dealer, and If you’re going to rob a bank,” the Weymouth Police Department wrote in a statement on its Facebook page along with a photo of the three suspects.”

bank robber

The saying “not the brightest bulbs” gives these three way too much credit. If your first step in the process of robbing a bank is to Google “if you’re robbing a bank…” you should probably find another hobby. Google is a wonderful thing, especially for movie quotes and song lyrics, but I wouldn’t rely on it to help me rob a bank. Also, if you’re ever a suspect in an ongoing heroin distribution case, maybe lay low for awhile. It’s probably best to stay out off security cameras that are used primarily when a bank is robbed. Last but no least, if you rob a house, bank or drug dealer, you’re probably going to jail. Didn’t really need Google for that one.

– Ryan


SWEET SUGAR: The NFL and Google are About to Have a Love Child


In the least surprising news of the week, as DirecTV’s rights to the vaunted NFL Sunday Ticket package come close to their 2014 expiration date, rumors of who else may bid for them are starting and Google is right at the top. According toAllThingsD, league officials met with the internet giant today and among many topics, the package of rights to air all of the league’s games to out of market viewers came up. As suggested, the folks in Mountain View (and several other companies we can all think of) can certainly afford the reported $1 billion DirecTV has been paying — and YouTube has already shelled out to stream sports in the USand around the world — but whether or not the NFL would actually sell to them is still in question. -Engadget

From what I am reading on the matter, this is a bit of a long shot. It seems that the NFL will again renew its contract with the satellite company DirectTV in 2014. But imagine, just imagine, what watching the NFL would be like under Google’s control? I’m talking streaming from YouTube, tablets, smartphones, and any other device that can get its grubby little antenna on the internet. This would be a total game changer for the NFL and America. More people around the US would see the games they wanted to see, and for me that means watching my Bucs from RI! Like I said, don’t get your hopes up, because they are probably renewing with DirectTV, but you never know, Google has surprised us before.


The Moto X is Not Your Tech Geeks Phone


At first I could not understand the buzz surrounding the new Moto X phone by Motorola and Google (This being their first phone since Google bought Motorola).  With the screen size being only 4.7″ (same as my Nexus 4) embedded with a 720p display, the Moto X does not surprise with its display qualities.  Pair that along with mid-range internals and some snappy color options you are left with a phone that isn’t really the leader of any category.


After watching some review videos and studying their [Google’s] marketing plan I have figured out that this phone doesn’t appeal to me, or my other tech geek friends, simply because it isn’t made to appeal to us. This phone is meant to appeal to the masses, and in that respect I think Google and Motorola have hit the nail on the head.


PS- I have included some Moto X review videos that I have gotten a lot from. (One from MKBHD and the other from Chris Pirillo)

Tech Tuesday – Google Glass as a Tour Guide

Untitled copy 2

The real potential of Google Glass involves making it possible to receive contextually relevant information on the go, without having to pull a phone out of a pocket or do much else to gather it. A new Kickstarter project from South African tourism software startup Tourism Radio makes perfect sense in that context, as it aims to liberate pocket guides from the pocket entirely with the help of Glass. -TechCrunch

Tourism Radio, a startup from South Africa, is already making splashes in Google Glass applications before Glass is even available worldwide.  Their plan is to make Google Glass a virtual tour guide.  The idea is for Glass to pull up relevant information as you travel through, in this case, Cape Town, South Africa. This idea brings exploring the world to a whole new level.  Gone are the days of pocket maps and hard to understand tour guides.  You want to get somewhere? Tell Glass. What building is that in front of you? Ask Glass. Hungry? Eat Glass…no, don’t eat Glass, please. Anyway, you get my point, no need for anything to get in the way of you and your experience of a new place. Not to mention Glass is now your camera to take stills as well as videos (with geo tagging), that way when you get home you can show family and friends what you did and where you did it.

I have been reading a lot about Google Glass over the past year and I have recently come to one conclusion.  Google, you need to make an action version of Glass.  I’m talking waterproof, shockproof, the whole shebang . That would be awesome.

If you would like to help this Kickstarter Project click here. 


PS- Tourism Radio, If you need help programming the “Tour of North Providence” Google Glass app I can lend a hand. I figure once your done with the Cape Town app you would be working on the Rhode Island one next, right? I mean why not. Remember, we have T Swift now!

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