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I Found My New Favorite Picture

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Hands down the greatest photo of all time.

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I will never get tired of Aaron Paul posting old school Breaking Bad pictures on Instagram, especially when they’re Mike Ehrmantraut pics. Angel in white, a sweet, sweet delight.

– Ryan

Of Course a Florida Team Would Do Something Like This


So, a glass panel at the Florida Panthers game broke last night, but don’t you worry they had their best guys on it! Easy fix, just throw come cardboard up. Like just completely ignoring the fact that they have no backup pieces of glass. Contingency plans are for the weak, I guess. One problem, Mozart, cardboard isn’t transparent! The fans sitting in the first couple rows behind that monstrosity should have just stayed home and listened on the radio. Although staying at home in Florida doesn’t always mean your safe***



*** See Ryans article about a Floridian who stabbed his brother over Mac n’ Cheese.

***UPDATE*** I have been told that this actually was a piece of glass but they couldn’t peel the protective paper off it, which is 1,000 times worse.

Tech Tuesday – Google Glass as a Tour Guide

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The real potential of Google Glass involves making it possible to receive contextually relevant information on the go, without having to pull a phone out of a pocket or do much else to gather it. A new Kickstarter project from South African tourism software startup Tourism Radio makes perfect sense in that context, as it aims to liberate pocket guides from the pocket entirely with the help of Glass. -TechCrunch

Tourism Radio, a startup from South Africa, is already making splashes in Google Glass applications before Glass is even available worldwide.  Their plan is to make Google Glass a virtual tour guide.  The idea is for Glass to pull up relevant information as you travel through, in this case, Cape Town, South Africa. This idea brings exploring the world to a whole new level.  Gone are the days of pocket maps and hard to understand tour guides.  You want to get somewhere? Tell Glass. What building is that in front of you? Ask Glass. Hungry? Eat Glass…no, don’t eat Glass, please. Anyway, you get my point, no need for anything to get in the way of you and your experience of a new place. Not to mention Glass is now your camera to take stills as well as videos (with geo tagging), that way when you get home you can show family and friends what you did and where you did it.

I have been reading a lot about Google Glass over the past year and I have recently come to one conclusion.  Google, you need to make an action version of Glass.  I’m talking waterproof, shockproof, the whole shebang . That would be awesome.

If you would like to help this Kickstarter Project click here. 


PS- Tourism Radio, If you need help programming the “Tour of North Providence” Google Glass app I can lend a hand. I figure once your done with the Cape Town app you would be working on the Rhode Island one next, right? I mean why not. Remember, we have T Swift now!

The Offline Glass is Almost Perfect

Bravo! You’ve done it! You’ve solved what the elderly believes is the worst part of the new generation, ignoring the world around you while you lose yourself in a smart phone. Ingenious. In fact this has to be Apple that came up with this right? I can hear the conversation…

How do we sell more iPhones? We should make people break them more often, but with liquid so we don’t have to refund it under a warranty, but how…? Ah ha! Lets creates beer glasses that can’t stand on their own! Unless you place said glass on top of the phone! We’ll get a bunch of incoherent drunks spilling beer all over their phone coasters! *high fives all around*

Absolutely flawless plan,

except the human race is infamous for it’s ability to adapt; like this guy who has just realized he has two hands.imagesCAR4JMVH

Cursed bi-lateral, multifunctional, opposable thumbed beings.

-Sean Lite-

P.S. I can be just as bad as any of those people in the video. Ah well.

Google, Take My Money – Google Glass Edition

gg3 I have been following Project Glass since it was only a rumor.  Now that it is out and in the hands of consumers as a part of the Glass “Explorers” program (Google has something against me, because I applied for the program) I am getting very anxious. The Explorers can review it all day long but it’s not going to matter to me until I can get a pair on my giant head.  This type of technology, technology of the future, is all about personal interactions with the devices.  It’s like the classic question: “Should I get this or that?” It’s up to you to decide.  It’s all about what you do that matters, and that changes person to person.  My Canon 5D Mark III takes incredible pictures and I wouldn’t want to take professional pictures on anything else, but would I recommend it to someone who takes casual pictures of their food? Absolutely not, thats what an iPhones for.  So I leave you with this: Think of ways new tech can help you out in everyday life.  Whether it improves work output or helps share moments with family members across the country, its use could be drastically different person to person.  In my opinion Glass is the next big step in tech. This is the cell phone and CD player of its time.



P.S. If i’m wrong about new tech, and it just ends up being the next Skynet, I apologize in advance.

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