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My Favorite GIF From Week 5 In The NFL: Dez Bryant Eat Your Heart Out


Everybody is talking about the Dez Bryant catch in OT from yesterday, but Brandon Lloyd had a spectacular play of his own. That noise you hear is every Patriots fan screaming to themselves while watching that GIF.

– Ryan


The NFL GIFs Twitter Account is off to a Roaring Start

For those of you who do not know, Twitter just recently started allowing GIFs to be tweeted out on their platform. The first account to capitalize on this technologic advancement is the NFL with the creation of @TheNFLGIF. Of course you need the butt fumble as your first twitter GIF, any other one would be a huge disappointment. Kudos, NFL.

Give them a follow!


Some Funny Animal GIFs Never Hurt Anyone


This Horse getting owned by a workout ball

Cat Done Fall

Too much work for this cat


Shadow fight!

Dog Stick

Big dreams getting shattered for this dog

dog wtf

Matrix Dog

Penguin Slip

How is this penguin not used to the snow by now!?

Scared Bear

Cat 1, Bear 0


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