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Happy Independence Day, Nobodies


-The Average Nobodies

Music Monday – Sugar

Happy Monday……..


A Corgi Giving a Human a Massage Sending you into the Weekend


Trailer Alert! – The Final Hobbit Trailer is HERE


The Defining moment for “The Middle-Earth Legend” is here. After 15 years and 5 movies Peter Jackson is ready for his swan song. Luckily HBO has been giving me all the Hobbit loving I need until the final installment comes out, but I am still waiting by the computer for tickets to go on sale!


Don’t Flinch!


Your Friday GIFs – Movie Edition

tumblr_lcf8eyTNNt1qddjb4o1_500 anglesinthegif ghostbusters-get-her-o bill_murray_gif_2 picgifs-terminator-606962 tumblr_m90kkbHkLt1rvk0h5o1_500 tumblr_msf8ruPUkO1su905lo1_500 christmas-holiday-movie-gifs-7

The NFL GIFs Twitter Account is off to a Roaring Start

For those of you who do not know, Twitter just recently started allowing GIFs to be tweeted out on their platform. The first account to capitalize on this technologic advancement is the NFL with the creation of @TheNFLGIF. Of course you need the butt fumble as your first twitter GIF, any other one would be a huge disappointment. Kudos, NFL.

Give them a follow!


Your Friday GIFs – Fail Edition



epic-fail-gifs-fan-tastic-fail fail-gif-shopping-cart sports-fails-gifs-touchdown logicfail1 toddler-football-kick-fail-kids-sports-gifs

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