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Giancarlo Stanton Hit A Baseball Into Orbit Last Night

Welp, that’s the farthest hit ball I’ve ever seen. The best part is the reaction from the left fielder, who just stands frozen in his stance while the ball flies over his head. Even if he had a rocket strapped to his ass, he wasn’t catching that one. According to @ESPNStatsInfo, only three other players have ever hit a homerun out of Dodgers Stadium, and now Mr. Stanton can join that list that includes Willie Stargell, Mike Piazza and Mark McGwire. Not a bad list, especially if you enjoy steroids. All kidding aside, Stanton had a freak injury last year that everyone in baseball hoped wouldn’t affect him too much, and while his average isn’t great, he can still hit the long ball, and every team in baseball wishes they had a 25 year old stud like him on their team.

– Ryan

Ever Wonder What Your Face Would Look Like If You Got Hit By an MLB Pitch? Giancarlo Stanton Has You Covered

Poor guy. He was Having a Ruthian year, and it didn’t deserve to end like this. The good thing is he’s recovering and seems to be in good spirits. Do you think we could get him a personalized Red Sox Bane mask for when he comes over to the Sox? How intimidating would it be if he hit a home run to New Hampshire then stared down the pitcher while he was running the bases wearing the Bane mask? I’d buy season tickets just to witness it.

– Ryan

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