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Ep 1 – Our Anticipated Movies of 2017

Opening (0:00 – 1:35), Movie Trailers (1:35 – 14:50), The Batman’s Director? (14:50 – 21:30) Alien Covenant vs Alien 5 (21:30 – 24:30), Terminator is Back (24:30 – 26:50), Godzilla vs Kong (26:50 – 30:45), Anticipated Movies of 2017 (30:45 – 38:29), What are we watching (38:29 – 53:10)

This Moose Family Is Having An Absolute BLAST Playing Around In A Sprinkler

Slow Clap (Citizen Kane)


What a roller coaster of a week. First the world’s tallest cow dies, and now a moose family is having the most fun I’ve ever seen anyone have frolicking through a sprinkler. The internet can break your heart sometimes, but they always come back with a family of moose playing in a sprinkler. Impossible to have a bad weekend now.

– Ryan


Weird Al Yankovic Is Having Himself a Week – Here’s ‘Tacky’ From Conan

I guess it goes without saying that a guy who makes parody songs/videos goes about promoting his new album differently, but Weird Al is kind of a sneaky genius here. Why not utilize all the tools at your disposal to promote something? He’s in the middle of an eight day streak where he releases a new music video every day on a different website. He’s also been on Fox News, and last night he appeared on Conan to do a live version of ‘Tacky’, his spoof of Pharrell’s ‘Happy’. Say what you want about the guy, but he’s a performer. Also, doing this in one take is extremely impressive. Stay weird, Al.

– Ryan

If I Was Going to Create a Bar Style Trivia, Here is How it Would Go


I have been to many a trivia nights over the years, and not one has been the ideal situation. They are either too long, too short, terrible food, too hard, or way to easy. This got me thinking. With all these trivia experiences under my belt I could probably make the greatest trivia game of all time. So here it is.

When and Where?

My Trivia night (from here-forth to be known as “El Preguntas” [“the questions” in Spanish])¬†would happen on the best night of the week, Monday night. This might sound insane, but Monday really is my favorite night of the week. What’s better than drinking your work sorrows away after the first day of the week? Nothing. Go ahead, get loaded up and play trivia, Tuesdays don’t count as real work days anyway. Oh and did I mention Monday Night Raw will be on all TV’s during trivia? Game, Set, Vince McMahon. (During football obviously half the TVs will be on MNF)

The “where” doesn’t matter as much as the “when”. Just as long as it’s a sports bar withs lots of TVs and egg salad on the menu.


Rounds & Rules

El Preguntas has 4 rounds of trivia goodness.

Round Uno

Pictionary – One person from each team competes in 5 rounds of pictionary-style games. (each round worth ten points)

Round Dos

Wrestling Entrance themes – Self explanatory. I play music, you tell me who strutted out to it. 10 themes, 2 points for every correct answer.

Round Tres

Physical Challenge – Arm wrestling, one-on-one basketball, 10-rounds of boxing…whatever i’m feeling that night. Tournament-style, with the winner receiving 10 points and second place receiving NOTHING.


Round Cuatro

Mental Challenge – Math equations, optical illusions, and word problems. 10 questions worth 2 points each.

And there you have it, El Preguntas. A no-nonsense trivia night for you and all your friends. I really don’t think any bar outside of Tijuana will hire me, but it doesn’t hurt to dream.


PS- Any and all tiebreakers will be decided by a steel cage match.

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