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“Friday” – The Greatest Snapchat Movie Ever Made

The other day my brother threw together one of the best Snapchat stories I have ever seen. I immediately called him up to make sure he saved it to his phone so the world could see. Without further delay, Here it is.


Your Friday GIFs – Movie Edition

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Let’s Get Funky







What’s Today?

Oh Yeah



Cooking for Poor People – [Steely Phil]

I came across this gem the other day on YouTube.  For those of you who don’t know who John Witherspoon is, his most recognized role came as Mr. Jones from the Friday series.  He’s also had a cameo in nearly every black comedy since 1995 and is more insane than Courtney Love and Gary Busey combined.  I’m not quite sure how these videos aren’t more popular.  Besides them being hilarious, there has got to be someone out there that can benefit from having the knowledge of how to fry chicken feet on a hot plate or steal tomatoes from your neighbor’s garden.  Plus he puts the same herbs and spices on everything he cooks no matter what it is; it doesn’t get much easier than that.  The only beef I have with the series is that there aren’t enough of them, what if I’m poor and tired of eating fried chicken, fish, and egg, what else can be fried in a hot plate?  Please Mr. Witherspoon let me know.  Until then I’m forced to eat the delicious food that my sweet old Grandmother whips me up on a daily basis.  So I would advise everybody to check these videos out, they could be a tremendous asset to you if your poor or if you just want to cook your girlfriend a romantic meal.  Just don’t forget the powda powda powda!

-Steely Phil

It’s Weekend Time!

Get out your finest turtleneck and dance like a goddamn animal. Enjoy your weekend everybody.

– The Average Nobodies

TGIF – Let’s Get it on, Long Weekend

L1XedJFI wanna be in you, weekend. Let’s get it on!


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