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The WWE Network Will Be Free To New Subscribers For The Entire Month Of February

While the online chatter has been mostly negative following the WWE Royal Rumble, from a numbers perspective, this has been the best week the WWE has seen in awhile. Monday’s snowed in Raw from corporate headquarters in Stamford had the highest Raw rating since July, and Wednesday the WWE announced that they had officially reached 1 million subscribers for the WWE Network. How did they follow that up? With a live Smackdown last night and an announcement that new subscribers to the Network will get the entire month of February free, including the Fast Lane PPV on February 22nd. Not only does this entice people to sign up for the Network, but the WWE could get a lot of casual fans hooked on the Network during WrestleMania season, which is the popular time of the year for diehard and casual wrestling fans alike. Now if we could just get John Cena to stop calling every women he interacts with on TV a whore while pretending to be a role model for kids we’d be perfect.

– Ryan

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