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If You Thought The Election Coverage in Florida Was Going To Be Normal Yesterday You Were Wrong

I woke up this morning excited for two things: the cucumbers I packed in my lunch and what kind of videos would be online from Florida’s election coverage. Thanks to the freshness of the cucumbers and Captain Hornblaster, I was not disappointed. If you’re crazy enough to wear a cape and put on a Luchador mask, why not head out in public on Election day and see what’s happening. I don’t think I’m out of line in wondering why Captain Hornblaster didn’t have a horn of some sort with him. If you’re going to call yourself Captain Hornblaster, you really should have various horns for different settings. A blow horn for large crowds, a fog horn for political assemblies. Maybe a small bicycle horn for more intimate settings. I love the idea of Captain Hornblaster, but his execution needs some work. The one thing we can all agree on is that the scariest part of this whole thing is that Captain Hornblaster probably voted yesterday.

– Ryan


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