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Mayor Marty Walsh is Really Warming Himself Up to Bostonians

Oh Canada – The Montreal Canadiens flag will be flying in front of Boston City Hall in the next few days, if the Boston mayor follows through on his bet with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre. The Habs defeated the Boston Bruins 3-1 on Wednesday in Game 7 of the series, eliminating them from the playoffs.

Bruins fans are licking their wounds today, but Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has a bet to fulfill.

The mayors of the rival teams’ hometowns bet that whoever lost the series would have to wear the other town’s jersey and fly the team’s flag at City Hall for a week. A spokeswoman for the Boston mayor’s office said they intend to make good on their bet, but they’re having a hard time getting their hands on a Canadiens flag.

Will Ferrell WTF?

I don’t like calling people the R word but Marty Walsh is really stupid. You’re the new guy in town, Marty. Don’t go making bets with the mayor of Montreal that’ll force you to fly the Canadiens flag at Boston Town Hall. Just a dumb move. I’m not a big hockey fan but I don’t want  a Canadiens flag flying in Beantown. No need for it. The Canadiens played better this series and deserved to move on but don’t test my politeness. I can get real nasty real quick. I’ll tell you who would never agree to this:


The day Mumbles agrees to a bet that would end in a Canadien flag flying in Boston is the day he pronounces someone’s name right.

– Ryan

Of Course Georgia’s New License Plate Has a Confederate Flag On It



Why wouldn’t it? Why would it have a peach or a picture of Ty Cobb or something we could all agree on? Where’s the fun in that? This proves that there are just people in this world who never want racism to go away. I’ve lived in Rhode Island my whole life, so I can’t say with any accuracy what life is like in the South, but I guarantee whoever decided this was a good idea wanted to ruffle some feathers. Stir up a good old fashioned racism debate. Mission accomplished.

h/t Yahoo 

– Ryan

Chara Carries The Slovakian Flag. In Other News Chara is 10x Bigger than the Next Tallest Person in Slovakia


Obvious choice of flag bearer, Slovakia. Quick question though: Is Slovakia filled with munchkins besides him? Did he break the hospital when he was born? Had to.


I Need This American Flag Sweatshirt


I don’t know if it’s because Jon Stewart’s wearing it. I don’t know if it’s because there’s an American flag in the background. I don’t know if it’s because today is the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination and I’m feeling emotional. All I know is once I laid my eyes on this sweatshirt I knew it had to be mine. I can’t stop, won’t stop until I find it. And then I’ll wear it every day for the rest of my life. Hit the music.

– Ryan

Twitter News Weekly – Bieber, Typhoon, Movember

-The Average Nobodies

Every Real American Should Have These American Flag Aviators



Intensity. Integrity. Intelligence. Cue the music!

– Ryan

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