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Two George Mason University Students Putting Out A Fire With Sound In The Coolest Video You’ll See Today

FIYAH – Here’s how: By blasting a flame with low-frequency sound waves in the 30 to 60 hertz range, the extinguisher separates oxygen from fuel. “The pressure wave is going back and forth, and that agitates where the air is. That specific space is enough to keep the fire from reigniting,” Tran told the Washington Post.


This video was released back in February on the George Mason University YouTube page, but is just now getting picked by the blogging community. As the article states above, the sound produced separates the oxygen from the fuel, and anyone who’s watched an episode of Rescue Me knows that fires can’t survive without oxygen. The coolest thing about the machine, as this UPROXX article points out, is that it’s portable. If you need me this weekend, I’ll be starting small fires around my house and turning the speakers up super high. Foolproof plan.

– Ryan

Alison Bologna, Welcome to the Local News Hall of Fame

Gotta love the local news. Just calling firetrucks fucktrucks like it ain’t no thang. Rhode Island was quiet for a while after the bear lady took the nation by storm. But my favorite newscaster with a deli meat for a last name refuses to let Rhode Island go quietly into the night. Not the most original blooper, but whenever you can sneak an F bomb onto the local news you’ve got my attention.

– Ryan

P.S. Never forget:

The Outtakes From Gary Busey’s Amazon Fire Commercial Are As Insane As You’d Expect

Gary Busey is one of kind. He’s clearly lost his mind but at this point in his life he’s no longer fighting it. He’s going to scream at the ocean and talk to a dead fish and have a conversation wth a lamp because that’s how Gary Busey rolls. I still don’t udnerstand why Amazon used him to promote their product but I blog from my parent’s basement and they run a multi billion dollar website so I guess we’ll just have to trust them.

– Ryan

I’m Not Saying Lions Can Start Fires…Actually, That is Exactly What I’m Saying

Here are the facts: Helen Clements was driving throughout Longleaf safari park in Wiltshire, England with her two children when smoke began pouring out of their vehicle. But wait, that’s not the insane part. Not only did their car catch fire during a animal safari, but it caught fire in the worst possible part, the lion enclosure. The FUCKING LION ENCLOSURE. Couldn’t have turned into a fireball of death while with the zebras? Nope, fucking lions. Don’t think this was a crazy coincident either, no way. These lions had these people pinned for destruction from the word “go”. Maybe the lions were sick of the crap the zoo keepers usually feed them or maybe they were just being their normal sadistic lion selves. Either way this zoo might want to keep a keen eye on these cats, you never know when they will strike again.


PS- Everyone got out ok after the animal handlers got them out safely.

PSS- What do you think they told the people to do? Get out of the car and get mauled by lions? or stay in the car and burn. Rock and a hard place.


I No Longer Trust Amazon

Did Amazon approve this commercial? It’s on the official Kindle YouTube page so it must be legit, but this looks like Gary Busey got his hands on a camera and found someone capable of editing videos and just started talking to himself. Saying hi to a lamp, then creating a different voice so the lamp could say hi back to him. Saying hi to his pants. Screaming at the ocean. If Amazon did indeed support this then I can no longer trust them. Anyone who uses Gary Busy to endorse their product has clearly lost their minds. However I will still use Amazon Prime because that is an amazing service.

– Ryan

The Hunger Games are Reinventing the Sequel Genre



Sequels are overplayed in Hollywood. There’s no doubt about it. The lack of original screenplays are evident when Iron Man has 3 movies, Dumb and Dumber and Anchorman have sequels and every movie Sylvester Stallone is in has a universe that covers 5 decades. In small doses, most of these movies are enjoyable, and for the most part, are profitable at the box office. But there’s only so many times we can watch Robert Downey Jr. fly around in a space suit, or Tom Cruise narrowly escape after he falls out of a building. Repetition has taken the place of creativity. Instead of taking a chance on new ideas and characters, Hollywood has kept their eggs in the sequel basket. While most of these sequels aren’t living up to expectations, the Hunger Games are blowing them away.

Maybe it’s because the movies are based on easy to read, action packed books (I wouldn’t know. I can’t read). Maybe it’s because the storyline is different from any other present day blockbuster. Maybe it’s because I’m in love with Jennifer Lawrence and I’m 97% sure we’re soup snakes. Whatever IT is, the Hunger Games is doing IT right. They have a perfect blend of young (JLaw, Hutcherson and Hemsworth) and veteran (Donald Sutherland, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci) actors. The script is based off the books, who’s blend of story/action translates well to the big screen. The action in the movie isn’t action for the sake of action, it’s necessary action to forward the storylines. What was lacking in the first movie (too much focus on the capital and districts once the games had started) was changed in Catching Fire, and it created a smooth, easy to watch film. The buildup to the actual hunger games was given enough time to explain the plot while developing the characters the director wanted you to care about. The action, which has always been the strong point of the movies, was great. They were able to introduce a new hero (Finnick) while still keeping the spotlight on the relationship between Katniss and Peeta. Start to finish, Catching Fire was one of the best sequels in recent memory. For the first time in a long time, when it comes to movie franchises, people should be genuinely excited for what’s to come.

– Ryan

Saturday Night Live – Tina Fey & Arcade Fire

And we’re back. Oh SNL how I’ve missed thee. Season 39 opens up with one of it’s most well known cast members as the host, Tina Fey. Arcade Fire will be doing the singing tonight, but right now it’s time for good ol’ sketch comedy. Here are some of the highlights..

Cold Open – Obamacare

Jay Pharaoh and his spot on Obama impression starts us off. Obama brings up various people who are upset with his Obamacare plan, including my boy Bobby Moynihan and his son (played by newcomer Beck Bennett). Highlight of the sketch comes when Aaron Paul, in full Jesse Pinkman gear, tells us about “his friend” who got cancer and resorted to selling meth because Obamacare wouldn’t cover him.

GIRLS sketch

One of my favorite sketches of the night. Tina Fey highlights the sketch as Berla, the newest Albanian girl on the show, but Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer, Kate McKinnon and newcomer Noel Wells are all spot on. This group of SNL girls has the chance to be a real strong point on the show, and I’m excited for more ensemble sketches like this in the future.

E Meth Sketch

Run of the mill sketch, but I love me some Aaron Paul cameo’s. “You know it’s good cuz it’s blue, bitch.”

Weekend Update

Man, I’m gonna miss Seth Meyers. Cecily Strong comes out for her first ever Weekend Update sketch as host. Newcomer Kyle Mooney debuts his Brooklyn accented veteran stand up comic character “Bruce Chandling”. Solid job by Mooney.

DRUNK. UNCLE. Moynihan is my favorite cast member, and Drunk Uncle is his best character. AARON PAUL CAMEO ALERT. He’s drunk uncle’s “meth nephew”. If Aaron doesn’t get his chance to host soon, then I’m gonna start cracking skulls. Also, I could listen to Drunk uncle sing Whitney Houston all day.

Overall, a pretty good show, especially considering the fact that they debuted six new cast members. Arcade Fire kind of went in ear and out the other, but if you like their music, they put on a pretty good performance. I loved the Aaron Paul cameo’s, Moynihan hasn’t skipped a beat and I’m really excited for the core group of women cast members. I give the season premiere a solid 7 out 10. Next week: Miley Cyrus and her uncontrollable tongue hosts and sings!

– Ryan

Jimmy Jimmel, King of the Pranksters

Jimmy Kimmel just got everyone so bad (me included). I love how Kimmel was put on this earth to fuck with people. No one on late night television even comes close to the shenanigans that Jimmy pulls, no one. Can;t wait to see what you’re cooking up next!



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