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Finn Balor Suffered A Concussion After Jinder Mahal Decided To Forearm Him In The Head As Hard As Possible #RAW

Fast forward to 1:09 in the above video if you want to see Jinder Mahal, who is 6 inches taller and outweighs Finn Balor by 55 pounds, forearm Finn in the face as hard as he possibly can. Balor reportedly suffered a concussion, which depending on the severity, could put him out of action for weeks or longer. Balor just returned from a multi month absence last Monday, so to see him get hurt so carelessly is frustrating. Concussions are particularly troubling, especially with the stance WWE has taken with guys like Christian and Daniel Bryan. Hopefully Balor can return to the ring soon, because Raw is much more interesting when The Demon is involved.

In unrelated news, Jinder Mahal is now on Smackdown.


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