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Monsterblog Wednesday: Best Christmas Songs

For some reason, Christmas is the only holiday that has a ton of songs dedicated to it. Some are good, some are bad, and some are all time incredible. Here are our favorite Christmas songs:

Bruce  Springsteen – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Everything The Boss touches turns to gold, and this Christmas classic is no different. Springsteen must love Christmas, because he gives this song everything he’s got. “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” is what happens when a 5 tool player is on his A game. Now that I think of it, I’m kind of mad he didn’t play this song when I saw him at Fenway.


Run DMC – Christmas in Hollis

It’s just not christmas for me until Jay, The Rev, and DMC say it is! Can’t get enough of the track suits, Adidas sneakers, gold chains, and christmas costumes! Run DMC has always made pretty cool videos but with this one will always be the best (with “Walk This Way” coming in a close second). I have loved this song since I was a little kid and it will always mean it’s Christmas time to me!


Monsterblog Wednesday: Wildcard Thanksgiving Foods

When you think of Thanksgiving, one word should come to mind: FOOD. If food isn’t your first thought when the word Thanksgiving is spoken then you’re wrong and insane. While the turkey, mashed potatoes and brown gravy get all the credit on Thanksgiving, there are other key parts of the Thanksgiving meal process that frankly get no respect. The year is 2013, and the Average Nobodies are sick of turkeys hogging all the spotlight. That’s why we dedicated this week’s monster blog to the wildcard foods that we all eat on Thanksgiving, but unfortunately get zero credit.

Candied Yams

What’s better than regular yams? Pretty much anything, but that’s not the point. If marshmallows are involved then I’m on board. Simple as that. Marshmallows mix well with just about everything, but the sweet delicious food baby they make when melted over some yams is unmatchable. It doesn’t get any sneakier than a nice plate of candied yams on Thanksgiving afternoon.

– Ryan

Cranberry Sauce


Cranberry sauce, and no I’m not talking about the real kind; mixed up with nuts and real cranberries. No. The kind i’m talking about is the kind that has lines on it. Staright from the can in all its glory. NOt only do the lines add character to the sauce, but they are great for cutting. It’s like the cranberry sauce has a built-in ruler! No other food on the thanksgiving table doubles as a measurement tool. Game. Set. C-Sauce.


PS- Undercover delicious move – Put gravy on it. The mix of hot and cold is a mouth celebration


Monster Blog Wednesday: Our Favorite Moments From Breaking Bad

Yes, Breaking Bad is over, but let’s not think about what is gone, instead let’s think about what was left behind. Here are our favorite moments from the series.

Walter’s Business Meeting With Tuco

This is the first time that you see Heisenberg come to physical form. Love how he walks into the lions den and demands, not asks…demands. Using chemistry and science to always have the upper hand is his trademark throughout the series.


Mike Ehrmantraut’s Half Measures Speech

[ “no more half measures Walter” ] Mike was my favorite character on Breaking Bad (RIP), and this was one of his best moments. Walter White has almost fully transformed into Heisenberg, and this speech might have put him over the edge. After the sit down with Mike, Walt kills two rival drug dealers, and saves Jesse’s life in the process.


Monsterblog Wednesday: Our Favorite ECW Matches


ECW. Three letters that will live on in wrestling lore forever. What started as a small time Philadelphia based wrestling promotion eventually blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon. ECW became primarily known for it’s particularly violent matches and cult like fan base, but it also showcased great technical bouts, and introduced American audiences to the lucha-libre style of combat that is still popular today. Under the guidance of Paul Heyman, ECW started a revolution in wrestling that is still talked about to this day. Plainly stated, without ECW, there would have never been an “Attitude Era” that so many fans knew and loved. Whether you liked Japanese Death Matches, Barb Wire ropes, Steel Cages or good old fashioned two out of three falls, ECW had you covered. While their were many memorable moments and matches in ECW, we decided to flex our mental muscles and only pick one match each. Here are our favorite matches in ECW history.

The Dudley Boyz vs. Spike Dudley and Balls Mahoney – Chicago Street Fight

If you’ve never watched an ECW match, here is a general rule of thumb: watch a match with The  Dudley Boyz. The Dudley’s had many great feuds in ECW, but the handful of matches they had with their little brother Spike and Balls Mahoney were the most memorable. Cheese graters, thumbtacks and flaming tables. All in a day’s work. Make sure you stick around until the end of this video. A human being is powerbombed through a flaming table.

– Ryan


Mike Awesome VS Masato Tanaka – ECW One Night Stand

Tanaka vs. Awesome. A match, that on paper just doesn’t work.  Has to be one of my favorite feuds in ECW (My favorite is Tazz and Sabu).  Just beating the shit out of each other and loving it. If you looked up “Extreme” in the wrestling dictionary, you would find all their classic matches.  Enjoy


PS- Listen to that crowd!

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