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#MusicMonday: Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

I think it’s safe to say we live in an argumentative society. If you have an opinion, chances are someone else will have the exact opposite stance. Luckily this isn’t an opinion, but rather a statement of fact. ‘Fast Car’ by Tracy Chapman is the best song in the history of recorded music.

Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

The song was released in 1988, which is coincidentally the year I was born. I’m not saying this was meant to be my favorite song, but I’m also not NOT saying that. I recently emailed the preferred playlist to the band that is playing at my wedding. This song was not on the band’s website, but it was one of my special requests. The lead singer replied back asking to confirm that Fast Car is performed by Tracy Chapman. You are goddamn right it is. Have a great week on purpose everybody.


Sam Smith Covered Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ & I May Never Listen to Another Song Again

I know we joke around a lot on this site but I am completely serious when I say I may never listen to another song again. Sam Smith was put on this Earth to sing live music, and now that he’s covered one of my favorite songs, I’m not sure where to go from here. I hope Sam Smith is ready to break the all time views record on YouTube because Ryan’s about to put it into over drive.

– Ryan

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