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Trailer Alert – New ‘Fantastic Four’ Trailer

With this new trailer we finally get a glimpse at some of the super powers and the super villain, Dr. Doom. I’m assuming Doom was the 5th person on that mission that “didn’t survive”. This movie already looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it, but I have one reservation. I’m not sure I buy Miles Teller as Reed Richards. Reed is supposed to be this super intelligent doctor who crack inter-dimensional travel and I just don’t see it because of the limited roles he has played prior. I’m sure my mind will change once I see it. I Just hoping he is the leader the Fantastic Four needs.


Trailer Alert – Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four is easily my favorite super group (Ninja Turtles are an extremely close second) so this movie had me writhing with excitement from the second they named the cast. Personally, I think that the first crew of Fantastics didn’t get the proper chance to thrive. They were in the weird pre-Avengers Hollywood landscape (same place Toby Maguire’s Spiderman lived…and died) that didn’t really support longevity. In steps a cast of some of the youngest and hottest tinsel town has to offer and BOOM, The Fantastic Four are back in business! Could we see cross over Spiderman movies in the future? Um, i’m thinking YES.


P.S. Hey Marvel, i’m still waiting on my audition as the next super villain.

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