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Trailer Alert – Fallout 4 Gets a the Live Action Treatment

Video game developers really know how to kick you in the feels with a commercial for their newest game. For example: Last week I saw an ad for Halo 5, I game I had no intention on buying, and later that night i preordered it on Amazon. That’s some powerful advertising. Iv’e already had Fallout 4 preordered for months, so no impulse buy here, but what this ad did do for me is get me prepped for the game iv’e been waiting for, for years. It’s amazing what a well placed song will do.



Ok, breathe Matt. Deep breaths, you can do this…..


Sweet baby Bill Paxton. So i’m not sure when this is coming out, so i’m just going to wait outside my local gamestop until it does. Better safe than sorry when it comes to Fallout. Before I go, let me tell you about the sick love affair that is my relationship with Fallout. Ever since I got my grubby paws on Fallout 3 I haven’t been able to put it down. I have logged unspeakable hours into that title, hours that I will never get back, hours that were very well spent. I couldn’t get enough of scavenging the Capital Wasteland for guns, supplies, robots, merchants and the sweet nectar that is Nuka-Cola. It was/is the, hands down, best video game i’ve ever played and Fallout 4 should only trump that feeling. Next-gen graphics aren’t even on my excitement radar for this game; i’m more interested in exploring a new map, which by the looks of it, seems to be set in a Boston-like city (SICK).

Ok, off to Gamestop. See you when the trailer for Fallout 5 drops.


Bethesda Game Studios is Teasing ‘Fallout 4’

Sweet Unicorn Shit! If you click the link in the above tweet it brings you to a countdown clock that points to the ‘Fallout 4’ trailer being released at 10:00 AM on June 3, 2015 (tomorrow!). I don’t think I am going to be able to make it through the night–I need to see this trailer NOW.

Yeah, zero chance I sleep tonight.



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