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The Blog Awakens – Star Wars Episode 7 Round Up


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only 3 short months away, but we still know very little about the plot and that characters. The trailers have given us amazing visuals to chew on while leaving us hungry for more of the new space saga installment. Speaking of visuals here are the three official videos (2 trailers and one behind the scenes) put out by Disney.


Trailer #1

So what did we learn from the first trailer? First, that the one of the protagonists, Finn (is that his real name?) can’t catch his breath, that the BB-8 droid is the cutest thing ever, and that Kylo Ren has the most bad-ass lightsaber in the known universe. Yes, all those things, plus more. We got to see what this new Star Wars film feels like. How the score takes you away to a place that is new. but somehow familiar at the same time. We got to see new paint jobs on old ships, new faces in old costumes and most importantly we got to hear the voice of (we assume) antagonist, Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver). This was a big moment for a lot of fans of this epic saga, especially the ones that felt they were burned by the prequels.

Trailer #2

Trailer 2, a.k.a The greatest trailer in the history of movie trailers. John Williams is my all-time favorite composer and it isn’t even close (mostly because I don’t know any other composers). Go ahead, watch this trailer with your eyes closed and see what kind of emotions it brings. Getting a better look at some of the main characters including: Rey (Lead chick and possibly Luke’s daughter?) , Finn (Lead dude who seems to like Stormtrooper gear a lot), Poe (Rogue leader badass who rides in a black and orange X-Wing, because flying an X-WING isn’t badass enough), Captain Phasma (basically the next Boba Fett, played by Brienne of Tarth, who is almost surely to become a fan favorite anti-hero of some kind) and of course your favorite Smuggler and his loyal companion. Some thing to note: When the trailer starts we get a few lines of dialogue from a dude, who we can assume is Luke, that says my father HAS IT. Is Darth dead? IS HE?!

Comic Con Teaser

What sets the original movies apart from the prequels (in my opinion) is their use of practical effects. Too much green screen and after-the-fact CGI is what caused the prequels to feel disjointed form the original trilogy. This video from the 2015 Comic Con in SD shows that these new films won’t make the same mistakes the prequels did. I love you JJ.



While ‘The Force Awakens’ hits theaters on December 18, last Friday (September 4th) Disney and Hasbro released a whole shit load of new toys related to the film, that have all since sold out. Ok, everyone clam down, I was able to get some before they all sold out. Take a look at this unboxing video of all the new Falcon toy.

Look for more posts on Episode 7, because I literally am fan-boying about it.


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