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The Face Blanket Infomercial Might Be The Greatest Infomercial In History

The question here isn’t ‘am I going to get a face blanket’ it’s ‘how soon can I have it shipped to my house’ because this is the invention the human race has been waiting for. Honestly, this might be the best advertisement I’ve ever seen. It’s just so good. It starts out with your casual sleeper who is so cold that they need some sort of blanket to cover their entire face. That’s where the face blanket comes in. And when I say face blanket, I mean a piece of cloth that has a hole cut in it that still allows you to breathe. That’s literally all it is. The best part, by far, is how far they stretch out the uses for the face blanket to make it fit every scenario. Hunting an animal while wearing camouflage? Throw on a face blanket to totally blow your cover. Eating dinner? Throw on a face blanket for no apparent reason. Are you at the same party as your ex? Throw on a face blanket, because that won’t make him think you’re COMPLETELY INSANE. I’ve watched this ad 10 times and it just keeps getting better. 150k views is not nearly enough for this video. I can’t wait for my face blanket to come in so I can finally get a good night’s rest.

– Ryan

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