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Emmet Farnan Isn’t The Hero We Deserve, But He’s The Hero We Need

As if jumping into a half marathon on a whim wasn’t a questionable enough decision already, Emmet Farnan, a senior engineering student at the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, found a way to make things even more difficult for himself: He decided to drink a beer at each mile marker.

A former high-school cross-country and track athlete, Farnan completed his feat at the Holy Half Marathon on April 1. He finished a Coors Light before starting the race, and then downed another at each mile marker. (He arranged for a friend with a backpack full of reserves to accompany him on a bike.) Still, he completed the race in 1:43:42, running just under eight-minute mile splits, and captured the whole thing using a GoPro. – Fox News

The only aspect of this entire situation I disagree with is going with Coors Light for your drink of choice. I’m a Busch Light/Bud Light guy, so I can’t really condone going with Coors Light, although I’ll give Emmet a pass because he’s obviously superhuman. Running 13. 1 miles sounds terrifying enough, but I can’t think of anything I’d rather do 13 beers deep than run a half marathon. One time after going out to the bar I attempted to race my friend up a hill that was no longer than a couple hundred feet and I fell down face first. Multiply that couple hundred feet by infinity and I’d be passed out in some poor guys’ front yard. I salute you, Emmet Farnan, and if you’re ever in sunny Rhode Island I’ll have an ice cold Coors Light ready with your name on it.



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