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Coach Bombay Is Rooting For The Anaheim Ducks On Twitter & The Blackhawks Are Officially Toast

Anaheim leads their series over Chicago 3-2, and to make things worse, the greatest fictional hockey coach in history is now rooting them on. I don’t want to say that Emilio Estevez rooting for the Ducks on Twitter had anything to do with them winning last night, but it had everything to do with them winning. Sometimes you just need certain people rooting you on and that’s all the motivation it takes to win. Gordon Bombay rooting on the Ducks, making ‘Ducks Fly Together’ references? If I were the Blackhawks I’d be upset they even made them play that game. I wouldn’t want Gordon Bombay rooting against me, ESPECIALLY when any kind of ducks are involved. That’s just unfair.

– Ryan

P.S. Emilio Estevez only having 184K followers is one of the biggest travesties of all time.

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