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UPDATE – Dennis Quaid’s Outburst Was Kind Of A Hoax After All

Dennis Quaid you tricky son of a bitch. Earlier in the week Dennis Quaid “freaked out” on a movie set and cursed everyone out. Well it turns out that just like everything else in the world, it was a prank. A finely executed prank, might I add. Nowadays when something like this happens people call it bullshit right away, and rightfully so. Funny or Die, Jimmy Kimmel, the YouTube pranksters that rushed the ring overseas at Smackdown; everything is a joke. What I liked about this prank is that it wasn’t really a prank, it just kind of played on our psyches. When you hear Dennis Quaid yelling like this, you’re mind immediately jumps to the conclusion that he’s a spoiled actor who’s yelling at these poor crew members for no reason. Well it turns out there was actual horse shit, crew members dressed as zombies and a guy in a penis costume all right out of our views, so Dennis Quaid was right all along. Now all he needs to do is get back on Ellen and all will be right with the world. DENNIS QUAID IS HERE!

H/T NY Daily News

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Printable 2014 Oscar Ballots!

The 85th Academy AwardsÆ will air live on OscarÆ Sunday, February 24, 2013.

Layout 1

Click The button above to get your very own Average Nobodies Oscar Ballots! We have included all award categories along with a space to keep your score!

Keeping track of the traditional ballot is all well and good, but if you want to spice things up here are some additional propositions you can add you your Oscar competition.

1. How many people trip and fall during the show. Over/under is set at 2

2. How many people will get cut off from their “thank you” speeches. Over/under is set at 5

3. How high will be Joaquin Phoenix be? No over under, just enjoy this space creature.

4. How many awards will American Hustle win? Over/under set at 2.

5. How great will Jennifer Lawrence look. The choices are either a beautiful queen goddess or a sweet angelic princess.

Kanye’s Video for ‘Bound 2’ is Interesting

What the hell is happening in this video? That’s a serious question. I honestly have no idea what’s happening. It starts off with a large raven flying away, then horses stampeding towards the camera, which oddly enough are the most realistic parts of the video.  The rest of the video is just Kanye riding a Vespa with a topless Kim K straddling him with the worst CGI in history as the background. I guess this is art? I’m pretty sure there also having sex on the vespa at some point in this video. Their are just some things you can’t unsee. This is one of them.

– Ryan

Ellen Hosting The Oscars? SCHWING!

boom. baby.



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