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Happy Elimination Chamber Weekend!

The road to WrestleMania (and the WWE network) is well under way, with only tomorrows Elimination Chamber and a handful of Raw’s and Smackdown’s separating us from the granddaddy of them all. The Elimination Chamber isn’t usually included on most people’s list of the “Big 4” pay per views but more times than not it’s the first time we see most of the WrestleMania matches take shape. While wrestling sites have been speculating for weeks about the WrestleMania matches for most of the main eventers on the current rosters, there is one man who’s immediate future can literally go in any direction.

The giant swinging, receding hairlining, no knee pads needed Cesaro. I’m not here to pump Cesaro’s tires, or say he should be in the main event of WrestleMania, because he shouldn’t..yet. I’m here to plead, PLEAD, the WWE to do one thing this Sunday at the Elimination Chamber: end the show with Cesaro and Daniel Bryan in the ring. I dare anyone to tell me with a straight face that Cesaro, or Bryan, eliminating Randy Orton after the other three competitors have already been eliminated wouldn’t blow the goddamn roof off of the Target Center in Minneapolis. This match needs a title change, and it needs a title change that isn’t in jeopardy until the final pin fall. Why not let the last two participants be Bryan and Cesaro, so the WWE Universe knows the title HAS to change hands? Sheamus and Christian are non stories, John Cena, as much as I respect him, doesn’t need the title. Give me 10 minutes of Bryan and Cesaro to close the PPV and I’m a happy man. Or have HHH screw over Bryan, Orton win and create the worst WrestleMania main event in the history of the world. Balls in your court, WWE. Just know that denying Cesaro, is denying a 100 rotation swing.

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