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Ted Cruz Gracefully Bowed Out Of The Presidential Race & Then Elbowed His Wife IN THE FACE

It’s too bad Ted Cruz doesn’t have an ounce of likability. If he did, I think this election season would’ve been a lot different. Between all the weird interactions with his own family, Zodiac killer jokes and pretty much everyone in the world he’s ever worked with saying they hate him, I feel like this could’ve been a good underdog story. But people like underdogs, so I guess that’ll never happen with Cruz. Also, when I put ‘gracefully bowed out’ in the headline of this post, I meant ‘Donald Trump won every primary and Cruz was mathematically eliminated’. But hey, some guys win elections, some guys lose elections and some guys get slaughtered by Donald Trump and then elbow their wife in the face during this concession press conference. All of this would be a lot funnier if this guy didn’t just get a free ticket to the general election:



Tyler Hansbrough Wants None of Metta World Peace



Can you really blame him though? Metta over here has been known to throw bows and hunt down his own fans. What do you think he would do to the North Carolina alum?

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PS- Raptors are off to a strong start (5-1) and i’m loving it.

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