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If You See Poop Or Mucus In the Streets of New York, Please Don’t Eat It

– via UPROXX

I hope this goes without saying. I really do. If we’re at the point as a society where we need to be told to not eat poop or mucus on the streets, then I’m afraid we’re already too far gone. My question is: are there people in New York who are going around eating poop and mucus off the streets? I wouldn’t be surprised, but I feel like there has to be people doing this in order for this news station to justify themselves mentioning this on the air. Is there a poop/mucus epidemic in New York that I don’t know about? Because not eating poop and mucus should really have nothing to do with Ebola. It should be a general life rule. Adding Ebola in the mix just makes it a little more dangerous. Happy Friday everybody.

– Ryan

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