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It’s Time To Play ‘Bruce Jenner Or A Woman’



My first thought was a woman, but nope, that’s Bruce Jenner, looking as fabulous as ever. I’m not inside Bruce’s head, but all signs point to him wanting to be a woman. I’m sure if he was an average Joe this would be a much easier decision, but since he’s an former Olympian turned reality TV star, it’s not as simple. With that said, he already looks like a woman, and not just a little bit. I honestly thought this was a soccer mom when I first saw the pictures. Now he’s rocking the earrings and the pony tail too. I think it’s time he goes all the way and has the sex change. It’s time to be comfortable in your own skin, Brucey boy. Just an FYI, whenever we play this game, it will always be Bruce Jenner in the pictures.

– Ryan

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