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Total Reality: How To Maintain The Relationship Between The WWE & E! Once Total Divas Ends

#GiveDivasAChance trended worldwide on Twitter and ever since then there has been even more criticism than usual of how WWE handles and portrays their Women’s division. On the other hand, when it comes to their promotion of their E! Network reality show Total Divas, the WWE pushes that programming to the moon. The fact that Total Divas takes priority over the Divas content on Monday Night RAW or Smackdown is somewhat demeaning to the division, especially when the Divas ARE actually wrestling, the commentators are usually talking about the happenings on Total Divas and not about what’s going on in the ring.

One idea to both make up for the loss of Total Divas once it ends and give the Divas more TV time could see the WWE working out a deal with the E! Network to turn what was Total Divas was into a new minor brand show ala Main Event and Superstars. The difference between Main Event/Superstars and this show would be that it solely focuses on the WWE Divas. This would allow more time for the Divas to showcase their individual talents both in the ring and on the microphone, as well as give lesser seen Divas such as Emma, Cameron and Eva Marie more air time.

Currently there are no reports that would indicate that the WWE and the E! Network are on bad terms, so creating this new minor brand show on that network could definitely happen once the reality show has come to a close. Total Divas is an hour long show which has a steady number of viewers, and if both the WWE and the E! Network came to terms about moving forward with a new show, it could also be an hour long. If there were a major drop in ratings for Total Divas between now and the time it goes off the air, it could have an effect on the timing of the new show. E! wouldn’t want to take a huge risk on an hour long product but would potentially agree to a thirty minute show.

The WWE and the E! Network are both mainstream companies with the ability to create and maintain important celebrity relationships. This could benefit the new show, as major female figures from different professional spheres could stop in for segments which will only help this female driven show.

The major role that would need to be filled would be assigning a major female as the head of the show both in front of the curtains and also behind the scenes. This woman’s role would be the same as how Kathleen Kennedy and Kevin Feige are the captains of the ships for both the Star Wars and Marvel movies. This woman would need to be well versed in women’s wrestling and also understand the dynamics behind what goes into making a show like this. If this is going to be a show that focuses primarily on the Divas, shouldn’t a Diva herself run the show?

– Jake

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In Case You Needed A Reminder That The World Is Ass Backwards, The Kardashians Just Signed A $100 Million Deal With E!

WHYThe Kardashians have signed a record-breaking, $100 million-plus deal to remain with E! for another four years, sources have exclusively confirmed to Page Six.

Momager Kris Jenner recently secured the astonishing deal for herself and daughters Kim,Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Bruce Jenner is not part of the deal, having previously agreed that he will be leaving after the upcoming 10th season of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Bruce has his own show at E! based on his sex transition.

The Kardashian deal, the highest in TV history for a reality brand, is being kept strictly under wraps. E!’s parent company, Comcast, says it plans to save by spending less on content if its proposed merger with Time Warner Cable goes ahead.

The deal covers at least four more seasons of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” as well as spinoffs, which have included “Kourtney and Khloé Take the Hamptons.” E! executives also believe the family’s huge social media following will fuel future digital projects. Jenner had previously been rumored to be in talks about a Kardashian YouTube channel.

EXCELLENT. This is exactly what the world needs. Not only are the Kardashians going to continue to be on television, but they’re going to be making even more money. Kourtney Kardashian is worth $18 million. Kim Kardashian is worth $65 million. Kris Jenner is worth $125 million. Typing literally made me throw up all over my keyboard. As someone invested in the future of humanity, this is a huge blow to the sanity of mankind. Honestly, it’s no wonder the younger generation wants to be a reality TV star. If you can have a net worth of $65 million for having sex with a black guy on tape and crying on television, why would you aspire to be anything else? God damn it all.

– Ryan


Jo Jo Offerman Is Singing The National Anthem At Summerslam, Which Reminds Me: Isn’t Her Dad Insane?

Jo Jo Offerman, a WWE developmental Diva and star of the E! show Total Divas, is singing the national anthem this Sunday at WWE Summerslam. She’s beautiful, a great singer and very talented in the ring.

Pretty normal news story right? Except for the fact that her father, former MLB player Jose Offerman, is insane. In 2007, he was arrested for assault after hitting a pitcher and catcher IN THE HEAD WITH A BAT.

Now I’m sure after somebody does that, they’re never allowed to play the game again. Wrong. Three years later, Offerman punched an umpire while disputing a call.

Those of you who are going to say “well he didn’t actually connect with the punch” are really missing the point. Following this incident, Jose was banned for life by the Dominican Winter League, which apparently means nothing, considering the ban was lifted in February of this year.

Let’s hope Jo Jo does the national anthem justice this Sunday, and pray to God she leaves her dad at home.

– Ryan

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