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In Heartbreaking News, E.T. The Geriatric Walrus Has Died

WHYE.T., the 33-year-old walrus at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, died Thursday after he contracted a serious infection.

Head veterinarian Dr. Karen Wolf conducted a two-hour operation with a team of surgeons to open and drain an abscess in the Pacific walrus’ pharyngeal pouch. He did not recover.

“At age 33, he was a geriatric walrus with multiple medical issues,” said Dr. Wolf. “He had been ill for many weeks with a serious bacterial infection. He had not eaten for 17 days, and he suffered from painful arthritis that made it difficult for him to haul out of the water.”

This one hurts. E.T. the walrus (remarkable name) has passed on, and now my weekend is pretty much ruined. I don’t care if the weather is beautiful and the beer is flowing like wine, a geriatric walrus died god damnit! With that said, the walrus kind of seemed like he was suffering. Not eating for 17 days? Maybe after a few days you should get in there and help him out. 17 days is a long time. Plus the arthritis. Just a tough way to go out. But 33 years is a long time, and who knows how long that is in walrus years. While you’re having fun with your human arms and human legs this weekend, remember E.T. Hit the music.

– Ryan

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