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The Rock Premiered The New “Hercules” Trailer on Twitter And It Looks Insane

So it’s basically The Rock in a loincloth fighting oversized animals, but I’ll probably give it a shot. I fancy myself a history buff, but I gotta say, I did not know Hercules fought so many animals. Lions, boars, sea snakes. You name it, Hercules has fought it apparently. I’m assuming he defeats all these animals and makes sweet love to that gorgeous woman in the trailer. Just another day in the life of a silverback gorilla.

– Ryan

The Rock’s Ex Wife/Business Manager is Frightening

Here’s a picture of Dany Garcia, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s ex-wife/business manager, during their marriage.

Pretty good looking lady. Not a knockout, but a solid 7 in my book. Here is Dany Garcia now


That photo is frightening. I don’t know why someone would undergo a transformation like this and I don’t care. Every inch of that photo gives me the sceevys. Does life honestly get any better for The Rock? He goes from being one of the best wrestlers of all-time to being a legit movie star, and apparently all those decisions pale in comparison to divorcing the woman beast known as Dany Garcia. I’ve wanted to be a wrestler my whole life, but if you made me choose between divorcing Dany and being a wrestler I’d divorce Dany every day of the week. I’m forever unclean for looking at this photo.

– Ryan

P.S. I thought it was a little weird that The Rock’s ex wife is now his business manager, and apparently she got re married to his strength and condition coach. Then I saw this picture. I’d let her do whatever she wants too.

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