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Trailer Alert – Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle

If you told me back in 1999 that The Rock would one day be doing the people’s eyebrow as the lead in a Jumanji remake, I would have many, many questions for you. Since The Rock can do whatever he wants, here he is in a Jumanji remake, doing the people’s eyebrow in what looks like it’s going to be a really fun movie. I like the twist too, as The Rock isn’t going to be playing a macho character, and Jack Black will be forced to actually try to be funny when he’s playing someone who looks like current day Jack Black with the personality of a popular high school girl. Rock and Kevin Hart have great comedic timing together, so they should be hysterical, too. With the way the roles play it out in the trailer, it looks like Karen Gillan could turn out to the bad ass star in the movie, which is a refreshing take for a movie starring The Rock. Jumanji 2 is scheduled to premier December 20th.


Insane Instagram Comments: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson


The Rock goes out of his way, more so than any other celebrity I can think of, to be nice and accommodating to his fans. He’s always mentioning his fans on Instagram or taking pictures with people who idolize him at the gym, but I think even The Rock would have a hard time answering @bae_unknown_. It seems like this Instagram commenter had more to say but decided to just end his thought mid sentence. This isn’t the most outrageous comment we’ve seen by a long shot, but it is kind of insane. If you’re going to take the time comment on someone’s Instagram, at least have it make a little sense. The Rock is such a genuine guy he’d probably take you out for steak and tequila if you could form a coherent sentence. Until then, keep asking questions without question marks.

– Ryan

‘WWE Promo Shoot’, My Favorite Sketch From The Rock’s SNL

The Rock was fantastic as the host of SNL on Saturday, and there were numerous sketches that made me laugh out loud, but since it was WrestleMania weekend, I had to go with ‘WWE Promo Shoot’ for my favorite one. The premise is simple and something The Rock has done a thousand times: two wrestlers are gearing up to face each other in the ring, but they have to cut promos on each first to get the crowd ready for the match. Bobby Moynihan goes the more traditional route while The Rock’s character decides to get a little too personal. I loved this as both a fan of wrestling and SNL, and The Rock needs to get back there ASAP because his energy was off the charts. – Ryan

Two Of My Favorite Things Are Coming Together This Saturday As The Rock Is Hosting SNL

My favorite thing about Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is that his passion shines through in everything he does. There’s a reason he made it to the top of the WWE and there’s a reason he’s one of the most successful people in Hollywood: he works hard and puts everything he has in whatever he is doing at that moment. This Saturday he’ll be hosting SNL, maybe the only thing that could compare to my obsession with wrestling. The Rock hosting SNL, especially now as a Hollywood mega player, is going to be fantastic, and that it’s happening on the same weekend as WrestleMania is almost too much to handle. In his latest Instagram post promoting SNL, he runs into Leslie Jones on the streets of NY and I really hope these two do some type of inappropriate sketch together. The SNL writers always work well with celebrities who don’t take themselves seriously and have natural comedic timing, and The Rock fits both of those criteria. This weekend is going to be epic.

– Ryan

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Will Host The Newest And Most Eyebrow Raising Episode Of SNL On March 28th

My little boy Dwayne is all grown up! There’s a special place in my heart for ‘Attitude Era’ wrestlers, because I’ve been a fan of them for as long as I can remember. Guys like Stone Cold, HHH, Shawn Michaels and The Rock have been involved in my fandom since I was 10 years old, so to see them dominating other aspects of celebrity culture is awesome. Plus, The Rock is a natural performer, and he’s going to be one hell of a host for SNL. Add in the fact that this is happening the night before Wrestlemania 31 and I think I have my new favorite weekend of all time.

– Ryan

Trailer Alert – San Andreas #WhereWillYouBe

Want to know where I would be? Far the fuck away from there, that’s where. Nothing on this earth scares me more than the ongoing threat of an earthquake. That shit is scary. I know there are places that are said to be more vulnerable than others when it comes to earthquakes, but I don’t believe that shit for a minute. I live in Rhode Island, all thew way on the east coast, where we have never had a serious earthquake, and i’m still scared. Don’t mess wit the earth, that’s what I always say……but I digress, this movie looks good, kind of like “2012” but sub rising seas for an earthquake and sub John Cusack for The Rock. If someone found out the ending and spoiled it to me, and the resolution of the story ended up being that The Rock single handedly put the earth back together I would believe it. He’s that much of a monster. The most unrealistic part of all of this is that The Rock didn’t stop the earthquake in its path by screaming at it….I should be a movie writer.


Sun Ming Ming Is The Most Intimidating Person I’ve Ever Laid Eyes On

You can’t see the caption of this picture, but The Rock is 6’5 255. That is a large human being. Sun Ming Ming makes The Rock look like a child on steroids. I honestly can’t stop looking at this picture. He doesn’t seem like a real person. He’s also apparently a basketball player. That seems fair to everyone else.

– Ryan

Milk Was a Bad Choice

That’s it, I’m throwing in the towel.  It’s way to hot for me to live any longer. If you don’t find me shriveled up under my desk I have moved to Northern Canada. Send along my cat and send a letter to my family. Tell Bill Paxton I love him, and for the love of god delete my browser history.

How many more days till winter, Seanlite?


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