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#MusicMonday: Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire

If you watched last night’s Game of Thrones, my choice for Music Monday should make a lot of sense. If you didn’t, are you really going to complain about hearing the angelic pipes of Alicia Keys on a Monday morning? Start your week off on fire (not literally).


Twitter News Weekly – Tim Tebow Supports Ned Stark’s Beheading #TimTebow #GameofThrones

Twitter News Weekly is hereĀ a day early for your viewing pleasure! In this week’s episode we talk about the latest from the Tim Tebow/NFL saga, as well as Game of Thrones’ second episode of it’s newest season. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page at

– The Average Nobodies

Imagine Dragons and Kendrick Lamar Rocked SNL

This ‘Radioactive’ remix is as good as it gets. Always nice to see two artists at or near the top of their respective genres combine for some musical magic. That it happened on stage 8H makes it all the better. In an unrelated note, I’m going to need a jacket with a fur hood pronto.

– Ryan

Melissa McCarthy To Host First SNL of February


Woof. Drake tomorrow night, Jonah Hill next week and now Melissa McCarthy on February 1st. SNL is pulling out the big guns to play with the young pups. 2014 should be an exciting year for studio 8H.

– Ryan

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