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Trailer Alerts – Movie Trailer Roundup

Collateral Beauty

Will Smith is going to make me cry…Again.

The Girl With All The Gifts

Resident Evil meets 28 Days Later meets a bunch of kids.

Blood Father

Mel Gibson is BACK. I needed him. I missed him so.

Doctor Strange (Trailer 2)

Besides Civil War this is my most anticipated super hero movie comign out this year.

Go see a movie.


Trailer Alert – Doctor Strange

Things are about to get Weir…err…Strange in the MCU! I started reading some Doctor Strange comics at the end of last year and I really enjoyed them. They were super weird and different from any other Marvel comic i’ve read up until that point, but I like them. This movie is shaping up to be a horse of a different color when it comes to the modern Marvel movies, and I welcome the variation……I welcome anything that has Rachel McAdams in it, actually.


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