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012 Don’t Get Hangry in Russia

This week on the Average Nobodies Show: Raw recap, strange facts, weird places to live, and we break the doctor.

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The Gaming Nobodies – N64 Joystick Replacement

Have an old N64 controller with a loose or broken joystick? Fear not! Here is a tutorial on how to replace your joystick with a brand new one on the cheap! REJOICE!


My Favorite X-Men Fan is Back, This Time With Flame Thrower Arms

This time he wants to be “Pyro”. I need this guy to make me a set of these. Actually I need these AND the Wolverine claws. I need them like I need air to breathe.


and incase you missed his last video, the Wolverine claws…

If It Was Socially Acceptable I would Walk Around With Wolverine Claws All Day

I need these like I need air to breathe! At no point in everyday life would I need giant blades shooting out of my wrist, but I can’t think of a good reason not to. Always prepared.


Throwback Thursday – Drinking With Class

The guys you now know as expert bloggers used to do a little something different here on the interwebs.  Drinking With Class is a web series dedicated to teaching people the art of handling their social life, or lack thereof, with class.  Without further adieu, here is the first post in a long line of throwback posts featuring Drinking With Class.

Classy Summer Party


Egg Salad is Going the Way of the Dinosaur


Furious doesn’t even come close to describing how I feel right now.  Let me set the scene…I walk into one of my favorite lunch establishments by my work, walk up to the counter, and order my “usual”  (My “usual” happens to be a egg salad sandwich).  The woman–nay, demon temptress– behind the counter informs me that they don’t carry egg salad anymore.  You’re kidding right? How is a deli not going to carry egg salad? it’s like McDonald’s putting the kibosh on hamburgers! Oh, and this isn’t the first time this has happened to me, no way, this shit happens to me all the time! I’m not sure what problem people have with eggs and mayonnaise, or what member of the chicken salad mafia is paying them off, but it has to stop.

Increasing the population of egg salad sandwiches starts with you! Stand up to your local deli counter and explain that you will not take this lightly, and that egg salad is here to stay.  Pack egg salad for your kids lunch’s and make it as a snack for the neighborhood punks. Only you can bring egg salad back from the brink of extinction.  If my numbers are correct, and they are, the last egg salad sandwich will be crossed off menus sometime next year. This is Gods work, and i’m privileged to do it.


PS- And don’t tell me you hate eggs! You sound like an idiot.  Liking eggs should be a requirement for citizenship.

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