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010 A Brontosaurus, Chris Farley and John Cena Walk into a Bar…

On this week’s podcast, we talk about Monday Night Raw, the Brontosaurus becoming a dinosaur, the one person (alive or dead) we’d want to have a beer with and much more. The Doctah is also back behind the microphone and gives us his words of the day, sex facts and asks us some tough questions. Enjoy!

The Official ‘Jurassic World’ Trailer Is Here & Dear Lord It Is Wonderful

Universal said forget about Thursday, the world needs to see the full ‘Jurassic World’ trailer and they were right. As I said last week, I’m all in for dinosaurs in 2014. The plot could be dinosaurs roaming around, eating grass and dangling sharks and I’d probably see it four times in theaters. The characters obviously don’t care about what happened 20 years ago (RIP Newman) because they’re taking a cruise ship back to Jurassic Park and I’m sure nothing terrible will happen when humans and dinosaurs co-exist. I’m glad the trailer was light on showing the actual dinosaurs, because you know there are going to be one or two MONSTER dinosaurs in this movie, and I’d rather wait until it’s in theaters to see them. The sea world on steroids scene looked pretty badass, though. Summer 2015 will be the Summer of the Dinosaur.

– Ryan

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