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Get Yo’ Butts Ready: Taco Bell Is Releasing ‘Diablo’ Hot Sauce Packets May 5th

Taco Bell isn’t just interested in the breakfast game, they want to take over the entire world. One of the best things about Taco Bell is their sauce packets, and starting May 5th for a limited time only Taco Bell will be releasing a new sauce, named ‘Diablo’. For those of you who don’t know their Spanish and have yet to discover Google, Diablo translated to English means ‘Devil’. While I don’t think Taco Bell would actually put the devil in a sauce packet, I’m assuming it’s going to be pretty spicy. I was going to go to Taco Bell on Cinco De Mayo anyway, and now I have a new sauce to try. I love you Taco Bell. Don’t ever change.

– Ryan


Larry Fisherman (aka Mac Miller) Posts His First Single from “Faces”

I learned two things from this video. 1. Mac has still got it and 2. neck tattoos make you look like an unstable human being, and I kind of like the look. This song brings us closer to what Mac, Larry, sounded like in Blue Slide Park (His debut album). Mixing up clever lyrics with a good beat is what Mac is known for, so this new MixTape should be hot fire. Keep a lookout for it in the coming weeks.


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