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Home Depot is Having One Hell of a Day

(Source) “QUINCY, Mass. (WHDH)– Thirty-six-year-old Home Depot employee, Jamal Boyd,  accused of stabbing his co-worker, Corey Frederick, claims it was in  self-defense.

The attack was caught on camera on the Home Depot surveillance camera in the  ceiling, and while police say this is evidence of attempted murder, the  defendant says it is evidence that he was acting in self-defense.

Boyd of Mattapan appeared in court Friday facing two serious charges. Boyd  was stocking shelves with a co-worker at the Home Depot on Willard Street in  Quincy Thursday morning at 8 a.m. when they got in a fight.

“They had been arguing recently that morning. In the middle of the store in  an aisle and they started an argument. The defendant took out a knife from his  pocket and the knife had a handle and a four-five inch blade and he took the  knife and stabbed the victim in the leg and stabbed through an artery,” said  Michelle Armour, prosecutor.

Boyd ran off but came back after receiving cellphone calls from a police  lieutenant, and his wife.

Boyd claims he stabbed Corey Frederick only because he thought his life was  in danger and his lawyer says he tried repeatedly to get away from  Frederick.

Fredrick was seriously wounded and may have lost 50 percent of his blood. He  underwent surgery at Boston Medical Center.

A customer helped save Frederick’s life by doing CPR and directing an  employee to use his belt as a tourniquet.

“I’m not a hero. Everybody else, they helped out. I just took over, and told  people what to do,” said Bill Brothers, help victim.

The victim is in stable condition.

The defendant in this case has at least three kids aged 14 and under, and  another one on the way. Boyd’s wife and mother-in-law were here in court.

Another hearing will be held in one month.”


Home Depot used to be so innocent. Not anymore. First the racist tweet, and now apparently the workers are trying to kill each other. Tough day to be in the home remodeling business. I can say with great confidence that I will never step inside a Home Depot again. You hear that HD, you just lost a customer that has shopped at one of your stores 6 times in his life. If I was the CEO of Home Depot I’d take a page out of Michael Scott’s book and just call it quits right now.

– Ryan


P.S. Still can’t decide whether this is an elaborate rouse by Lowe’s. They’re up to something that’s for sure.

Home Depot Should Have an Interesting Weekend

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Ah the old race joke, Never gets old, especially when it comes from a company such as the Home Depot. Everyone Is so preoccupied with their paint and vinyl siding that they fail to see how racist they are. I wonder if the black guys in the picture knew what they were posing for. I feel like they had to get the hint when the guy in the middle put on the monkey mask. At that point it’s almost as if they came too far to take a stand. Just sat down and started playing the fake drums on an empty bucket.

Naturally their has been some backlash on twitter to the tweet. Let’s check some out.




Lesson here: Vanessa Carlton is the key to stopping racism.

– Ryan

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