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Who Knew Joe Namath and His Fancy Coat Would Be the Most Entertaining Part of the Superbowl


All I have to say is thank God for Broadway Joe. If he and his fur coat didn’t show up last night then this already horrible Superbowl would have been that much worse. I’m sure Seahawks fans were ecstatic, but as a casual fan that Superbowl sucked. You knew who was going to win 12 seconds into the game. Joe even tried to hijack the coin toss because he knew how terrible the game was going to be. Peyton Manning and the Broncos got their asses handed to them, and never even tried to put up a fight. All I know after this game is that Joe Namath has a beautiful fashion sense and as much as it pains me to say it, the Seahawks are far and away the best team in football. Damn it all.

– Ryan

The Super Bowl Commercials are Already Looking Promising


Can We Just Leave Beast Mode Alone?


Clearly the guy doesn’t enjoy talking with the media, can we just leave it alone? I think it is totally ridiculous that there are provisions written into NFL contracts that force players to speak with the media under penalty of fine. These are professional athletes we are talking about! First off, most of them sound like idiots because guess what? They weren’t studying Shakespeare in college! Secondly, the ones you do hear from, and that can speak well, will speak to the media. They will do this with or without a rule in their contract. Is it really necessary to put a guy like Lynch on blast for doing the bare minimum at media day?


PS- Deion, would you have liked to be harassed like this if you didn’t want to speak with media back when you played? HELL NO. Beast mode is clearly hiding from you and everyone else. Feed him some Skittles and move on!


You Guys, Bill O’Reilly Is Upset the Denver Post is Promoting the Use of Pot

Bill O’Reilly is like a combination of the mother and father (RIP Jerry) from Dirty Dancing. No dancing, no drinking and definitely no smoking that reefer. It’s 2013, Bill. Pot is LEGAL in Colorado. Why wouldn’t the states biggest newspaper have someone writing about it? How else are coloradites going to know when the newest strain of Alaskan Ice is at their local dispensary? Honestly, the only reason Bill O’Reilly is still on the air is for stories like this. O’Reilly freaks out and throws a hissy fit, then he goes on Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert, gets put in his place, then cowers back to Fox until he finds something else to moan about. Go back to your shanty, O’Reilly. America is tired of you.

– Ryan

Terrance Knighton Has the Best Nickname on the Planet, Maybe the Universe

Primetime, Beast Mode, Megatron, Hollywood Joe, and Sweetness. All good nicknames given to some of the greats over the years, but those alter egos don’t even hold a candle to Terrence Knighton’s nickname.

While watching Sunday football I heard Phil Simms call the Broncos D-Tacke, after an interception, “Pot Roast”. I nearly fell out of my chair with jealousy. Like could this guy have hit the jackpot any harder? What an awesome nickname, and honestly one that fits Terrence perfectly.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Denver Broncos

After doing some research (first time ever) I found out that he was dubbed the nickname by teammates in Jacksonville after ordering Pot Roast on an airplane. Power order, Terrence.

If I was Terrence I would have the Broncos start selling #94 jerseys with “Pot Roast” on the back. Hell, I would buy 2!

Home and away.


And I’ve Found My New Favorite Picture

View image on Twitter

I don’t know why this is hilarious, but it just is. Peyton Manning is the king of unintentional comedy.

If Jack Del Rio Doesn’t Wear a Suit or Leather Jacket Sunday I’ll Be Severely Disappointed



I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a coordinator to become an interim head coach. Then again, it’s not everyday that someone with Jack Del Rio’s sense of style is given this opportunity. You have to figure that the camera’s will pan to Del Rio at least 20 times Sunday, so if he wears the wrong outfit Denver might just fire him on the spot. I’d go with the dress shirt and tie, but instead of a sport coat, I’d throw on an official Denver Broncos leather jacket. It’s already a given that Denver will beat San Diego on the road, so the only thing left to focus on is Jack Del Rio’s wardrobe. I have a feeling he’s going to blow us all away.

– Ryan

P.S. There’s a 90% chance Del Rio refuses to give John Fox his job back. He’s the ultimate wildcard.

Christmas in September: NFL Seasons Opens Tonight!

The NFL season is finally here! Fan Duel. Fantasy Football. Survivor pools. And of course, rooting for your favorite childhood teams. I love my birthday and now that I’m an adult holidays are extra special because you get time off, but nothing brings me as much excitement as the opening night of the NFL season. Sunday fundays now have a totally different meaning. Men can talk football in bars, debating fantasy trades and playoff chances from now until February. God I love this country.


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