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We May Have Seen The Last Of Dennis Reynolds On It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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During Wednesday night’s season 12 finale of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia entitled ‘Dennis’ Double Life’, we find out that Dennis Reynolds is in fact leading a double life. There were two great callbacks in this episode (which Sunny does better than just about any show): Dennis’s layover in North Dakota during the season 10 premiere episode (The Gang Beats Boggs) and Brian LeFevre, the man Dennis pretends to be to ‘get off’ in the season 8 episode ‘Frank’s Back in Business’. It turns out when Dennis was laid over in North Dakota, he slept with a woman he picked up at a Chili’s and now he has a child. The child is named Brian Jr.because Dennis told the woman he met in ND that his name was Brian LeFevre. While a normal Sunny episode would have ended with Mandy and Brian Jr. heading back to ND while Dennis and the gang continued to be hilariously awful people, this season finale had a twist. Dennis decided to do the right thing for once, and the episode ended with him informing the gang he was going after Mandy and was going to attempt to be a father.

In seasons past, any member of the gang that temporarily tries to be a better person ultimately comes to their senses, and the show rolls on from there. This storyline is a little more complicated though, especially after the interview Glenn Howerton (who plays Dennis) had with Uproxx’s Alan Sepinwall. You can read the full interview at the link above, but the two major points that came out of it are that Sunny is talking an extended break between seasons and Howerton has signed onto a comedy pilot at NBC. As Sepinwall notes, while Kaitlin Olsen (who plays Dee) is able to pull double duty because her sitcom The Mick is on Fox (a sister company of FX), Howerton’s comedy airing on NBC makes things more complicated if it’s picked up for a full season. The whole situation is still fresh and up in the air, but let’s hope we haven’t seen the last of the gang’s most sociopathic member.


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