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Trailer Alert – Mr. Robot Season 3 (Teaser)

Very few shows set a quick, decisive tone like Mr. Robot, and judging from this teaser trailer, season 3 (which premieres October 11th) will be just as fucked up as the first two seasons. The teaser is simple yet fascinating: Phillip Price, the CEO of E. Corp and the prototypical selfish, greedy Wall Street businessman, is the voice reading the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Democracy’ while we watch scenes of chaos from season 3 unfold. The main focuses of this season will be similar to season 2, as the show deals with the fall out from Tyrell shooting Elliot, plus the budding financial relationship between Whiterose & E. Corp with the FBI hot on their trail. Bobby Cannavale will be a welcome addition as Irving, because Bobby Cannavale is a welcome addition to everything he shows up in. 10.11 can’t come soon enough.


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