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Stop the Presses: I Found My Favorite ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Video

Most of the celebrity ice bucket challenge videos are cool and funny but they just don’t compare to Demetria Godfrey. Vince McMahon in a suit, Chris Pratt swigging Vodka; all great. But they lack the pageantry and very real fear that  Demetria displays in this video. Is it illogical to think you can drown from a bucket of water being dumped over your head? Probably, but you can never be too careful. For Bill Paxton’s sake she can’t swim guys. What’s going to happen if a portal opens up and the water never stops flowing? Not only did I watch this video 50 times but I subscribed to her YouTube page as well. You can’t let pure comedy just slip through your hands, even though most of her videos are just R & B love songs that make me feel uncomfortable.

– Ryan

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