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Christopher Lloyd Showed up to CES Dressed as Doc Brown and My Head Exploded

Source – Great Scott! Actor Christopher Lloyd arrived as Doctor Emmett Brown at CES 2014 to celebrate the 120th year of Gibson guitars.

“Flying in” on an authentic recreation of the DeLorean (with a flux capacitor and everything!),  Doc Brown greeted everyone at the CES event and posed for photos.

This is CES, after all, so of course Doc Brown came equipped with a Google Glass device. Classy!

Lloyd helped celebrate the anniversary of Gibson guitars and even went off script a couple of times during the presentation. Lloyd seemed fixated on a man dressed in costume, posing with an 1894 Gibson guitar. He called the man the “world’s most expensive guitar stand.” Lloyd went on, “He just keeps standing there, it’s weird!”

Lloyd did tell the crowd that a ‘Back to the Future‘ reunion of sorts will be happening. He’s due to appear on the ‘Michael J. Fox Show’ this spring.

And playing guitar.


I’m a sucker for ANYTHING BTTF related, but this was awesome on so many accounts. Christopher Lloyd, dressed as Doc Brown, in the DeLorean, talking guitars with Google Glass on. That’s a whole lot of cool for one event. I now have one goal for 2014 and my life: get inside the DeLorean and say “flux capacitor..fluxing”. That’s it. If ever get to do that I’ll fade into oblivion as the happiest guy on Earth.

– Ryan

P.S. Doc Brown and Marty McFly back together!? Pinch me.



From Now On I’m Only Traveling Via DeLorean’s




Some people wake up and live an average, 9-5 type of life. Then there’s Rick Weissensel. Rick makes people’s dreams come true. Now that I’ve found him and his marvelous creations, I think it’s only right that I go into horrible debt and purchase everything he makes. Heading to the mall? I think I’ll take my DeLorean Hummer. Got an exclusive lake party/polo match to attend? Seems only right to take my DeLorean stretch limousine. If I ever want to be a royal asshole and ruin everyone’s perfect beach day I can take my DeLorean hovercraft right into the Atlantic Ocean. As a Back To The Future Fan and general lover of Michael J. Fox, this is a dream come true. Someone needs to push Rick to make a DeLorean airplane. That’s when the real fun starts.

– Ryan

P.S. What a Monday. I’ve discovered I’m a lake person and found my new mode of transportation. That’s what I call a boom baby.

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