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037 The Nightmare Before Christmas MOVIE

Make Movies Great Again Episode 37 for November 1, 2017.

On today’s ‘Make Movies Great Again’ we chat about a live-action Dora the Explorer movie, Deadpool vs Solo and a Pet Cemetery remake. What to connect with us? You can chat with us on Twitter @MakeMovieGreat, toss us a like on Facebook @MakeMoviesGreat and like all our pictures on Instagram, @MakeMoviesgreat. Don’t forget, this podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and YouTube.


Make Movies Great Again is a weekly movie discussion podcast hosted by Matt Vieira, Adam Bernardino and Sean Abernathy. It’s our never-ending struggle to destroy cynicism in the box office. This weekly podcast is a casual get-together for movie fans of all shapes, sizes and creeds. It’s a safe space for Nick Cage fans, Ben Affleck fan club members and Fast and Furious lovers. Call 401-285-8120 to join the conversation by leaving a voicemail for us to play on the show!

Ryan Reynolds’ Birthday Tweet To His Wife Is Why He’s The Funniest Celebrity On Social Media

I’m sure you know who Ryan Reynolds is. He’s the devilishly handsome actor who just broke a bunch of box office records as Deadpool. He’s also married to the devilishly beautiful Blake Lively, which almost isn’t fair to the rest of the world. If that’s not enough, he’s also the funniest celebrity on social media. The latest example of this is his happy birthday tweet to his wife yesterday:

That is some funny stuff. Is it legal for someone to be that handsome and also that funny? I’ll let it slide as long as he keeps the funny tweets going, which he’s already doing:

-Ryan (not Reynolds)

A Special “Boner/Trailer Alert”: Deadpool

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s a Deadpool movie coming out starring Ryan Reynolds. It hasn’t really been on the internet so we’ll forgive you if you’re not in the loop, but the trailer is here, and Jesus Christ, do not watch it around children because it will give you a massive erection. Matt and I actually saw the trailer last night before it aired on Conan, as it was one of the previews before Vacation (which was really funny BTW) and getting a sneak peak of this movie on the big screen was a real treat. Clear your calendar the week after the Super Bowl, because Deadpool will be in theaters and that’s where all the cool kids are going to be.

– Ryan

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