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010 A Brontosaurus, Chris Farley and John Cena Walk into a Bar…

On this week’s podcast, we talk about Monday Night Raw, the Brontosaurus becoming a dinosaur, the one person (alive or dead) we’d want to have a beer with and much more. The Doctah is also back behind the microphone and gives us his words of the day, sex facts and asks us some tough questions. Enjoy!

What is Wrong With People – Teen Charged After ‘Selfie With Dead Body’

A US teenager has been charged with murder after authorities say he took a selfie with the dead body of a boy and sent it to a friend on social media.

The 16-year-old, named by news reports as Maxwell Marion Morton, is accused of shooting to death Ryan Mangan, 16, at his home in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, on 4 February.

The alleged selfie depicted “the victim sitting in a chair with a gunshot wound to the face” and male “taking the selfie with his face facing the camera with the victim behind him”, according to a police affidavit.

It was obtained by police after a woman reported that her son had received the photo via Snapchat.

The woman also told police that her son had received text messages saying: “I told you I cleaned up the shells” and “Ryan was not the last one”.


I would like nothing more than to sit here and tell you how shocking this is, but to be honest, I can’t do that. This is what teenagers have become. Savages with no remorse for their actions (generalizing like crazy right now). First off, what is going so wrong in your life that you murder one of your classmates and then when you realize what you’ve done you take a picture of the body and snapchat it out to your friends. That, ladies and gentlemen, is insanity at its finest and it makes me worried about our future.


Things Got a Little Weird on Game of Thrones Last Night


So YouTube is being a little bitch today and won’t let you embed the horribly awkward opening scene from last night’s Game of Thrones, but you can click here to watch it.

I always kind of liked the Jaimie Lannister. Yes he had an evil baby with his sister but if you could get beyond that, he was kind of a badass. He has the best nickname in the seven kingdoms (Kingslayer!) and he managed to charm the pants off of Brienne which I thought was impossible. His only weakness (he only got one hand) will soon become his strength after his sword fighting duels with my favorite character and overall nice guy Bronn. But after watching that scene from last night I really can’t root for him. Forcibly having sex with your sister while your freshly dead son is laying right there tends to put a sour taste in normal peoples mouths. He’s beyond redemption in my book now. Long live the imp!

– Ryan

A Tribute To The Most Beloved Character on ‘Game of Thrones’ [SPOILERS]

Personally I think Joffrey got a bad rap from the word go. Kid was just trying to be the best king he could be with what he was working with. He wasn’t the least bit physically imposing like his “father” Robert, so his next best option to be taken seriously on the Iron Throne was obviously to be a dick. It was a life he was forced into and he had to adapt. Long live King Joffrey………

………JK! That dude was a prick! Glad he’s dead. Burn in hell, Joffrey.


PS- props to ibrews for the video.



R.I.P Ultimate Warrior


I am truly sad at the hearing of Ultimate Warrior’s passing hours removed from his return to Monday Night RAW and only days after his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame at Wrestlemania 30. He is one of the great iconic superstars the WWE and professional wrestling has ever seen. Thank you, Warrior.

Here is his RAW return from last night.

Rest easy, James. You lived a full life in which you entertained millions.

– Matt

Gun Tracking Bracelets are the Worst Idea Since Unsliced Bread

Attorney General Eric Holder said gun tracking bracelets are something the Justice Department (DOJ) wants to “explore” as part of its gun control efforts.

When discussing gun violence prevention programs within the DOJ, Holder told a House appropriations subcommittee on Friday that his agency is looking into technological innovations. –

Ok, so what these bracelets will do is only allow the proper owner of the gun to fire it. Sounds like a good safety measure, right? Absolutely NOT. Think about this for a second: You’re laying in bed and you hear an intruder forcefully enter your home. You roll over to your night stand and pull out your 9mm. You spring into action protect your family and home, but wait a second! Just as you are about to waste the P.O.S that is threatening the life of your family with a gun of his own, you remember that your forgot your bracelet back bedside. Oh shit, now the gun won’t fire. Shit out of luck man, try again next time. PLOT TWIST, there isn’t a next time, because you’re dead.

Bad idea. Bad idea all around.


The Most Disturbing “Stay in School” PSA…Probably Ever

I’m not really sure what to make of this. It can’t be real, right? It can’t. Best part? “YOU’RE SLOWING ME DOWN”. Classic. I’d like to say I wouldn’t be that guy, but you don’t know until it happens to you. This video is fucked up beyond belief.


Matt’s Music Monday – I Get Around

A little Tupac kicking this week off.


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